University Centre South Essex (UAL), BA (Hons) Graphic Design

  • Katy Laundon
  • Milly Smith
  • Megan Dennis
  • Aimee Benjamin
  • Nathan Gladden
  • Samantha Ludlow
  • Ema Stonciute
  • Angelina Mounsey
  • Simon Ambrose
  • Edmund Pollington
Graphic Design at South Essex is a broad based course that allows our students to specialise in many of the interweaving disciplines that make up the various areas within Graphic Design. From branding to illustration, packaging to advertising our students have gone on to work in internationally recognised organisations such as the Adison Group, the FT and Vevo.
Milly Smith - Ping Pong Play
Katy Laundon - Colossal Expedition
Aimee Benjamin - Pink Elephant Cocktail Bar
Ema Stončiutė - A Short History of Nearly Everything
Adem Guler - Knead Pizzeria
Edmund Pollington - Coraline
Simon Ambrose - Video Game Consoles
Megan Dennis - The Prickly Pear
Samantha Ludlow - Food Bank
Nathan Gladden - Gymbar
Micheal Dear - Green Airways
Charlie X - Hangman
Angelina Mounsey - Forest 404
Sophia Da Silva