Ema Stonciute

Ema Stonciute

Graphic DesignerSouthend-on-Sea, United Kingdom
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Ema Stonciute

Ema Stonciute

Graphic DesignerSouthend-on-Sea, United Kingdom
About me
My name is Ema Stonciute and I'm a young graphic designer based in the UK. I'm always full of ideas and excited to do something with it. I like to keep my design work simple and clear. Outside my student projects, I took some work from other people. I've done some posters, a booklet, and a logo for some small businesses. I draw inspiration from the world surrounding me as well as scrolling through the internet. It's good to keep up with the trends on social sites, and it's a fast way to learn about what's happening around the world. I love to get out and visit some exhibitions and museums as well as read books. I also enjoy traveling and seeing the world through different perspectives. It's very inspiring!  My email: emyston@gmail.com
  • Nix - Volcanic Ash Whiskey
    Nix - Volcanic Ash WhiskeyVolcanic ash whiskey made from barley grown next to volcanoes. The idea is based on phoenix - the bird that is born from its ashes.
  • The Dream Race
    The Dream RaceA board game inspired by Snakes & Ladders. Simple game mechanics, and spinning 3D game board.
  • What the Cluck
    What the CluckA group project designing a magazine for Nando's employees. This mandala was made by me as artwork for their website. I had to make other small graphics for the website too. The logo was made by the other two students: Milly and Adem. The magazine was a joint work with other three students.
  • Life Cycles
    Life CyclesA poster for Natural History museum about river erosion. Each layer represents the amount of dirt washed away A book cover for Bill Bryson’s book - A Brief History of Nearly Everything. The idea is that a book cover can make a book more interesting if it’s a game. The maze can be played from the top left to the bottom left. y from the river bottom. This way, each year, rivers deepen their beds.
  • A Guide for How to Move Forward?
    A Guide for How to Move Forward?It’s an instruction manual that simply explains how to move forward. It’s presented through illustrations showing one person’s journey. Simple instructions help to follow his journey through different situations.
  • The Future Belongs to the Curious
    The Future Belongs to the CuriousFour postcards and a black case with round magnifying glass in the middle. These were made for a creative paper company. Metallic papers inspired the space look throughout.
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Projects credited in
  • University Centre South Essex (UAL), BA (Hons) Graphic Design
    University Centre South Essex (UAL), BA (Hons) Graphic DesignGraphic Design at South Essex is a broad based course that allows our students to specialise in many of the interweaving disciplines that make up the various areas within Graphic Design. From branding to illustration, packaging to advertising our students have gone on to work in internationally recognised organisations such as the Adison Group, the FT and Vevo. https://www.southessex.ac.uk/course/graphic-design-ba-hons
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Microsoft Office
  • Creatively Minded
  • Attentive
  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • Teamworking
  • Perseverance