University of West London, BA (Hons) Graphic Design (Visual Communication and Illustration)

  • Ollie Slater
  • Adina Bostinaru
  • Phoebe Watts
  • Iliyana Bratovanova
  • Beata Borisovaite
  • Saffron Harrison-Abbas
  • Viktorija Tichomirova
  • Anel Pieterse
  • Oxana Inkina
  • Saskia Millard
  • Amanda Dorsett
  • Andzelika Makauskaite
In the ever-evolving creative industries, graphic design now helps shape the way we respond to, think about, and interact with almost, well, everything! BA (HONS) GRAPHIC DESIGN (VISUAL COMMUNICATION & ILLUSTRATION) at the University of West London is rooted in the foundational aspects of graphic design like typography, illustration, problem-solving and idea generation while simultaneously being rigorously contemporary and forward-looking. We build skills and welcome the constant state of conceptual, technical and aesthetic change brought about by technology. We embrace motion, animation, interactive and experiential design and coding. Because we really believe that Everything is Graphic Design.
Anel Pieterse / Change the Migrant Experience
Adina Bostinaru / Efflorescence: Nature Inspired illustrations.
Amanda Dorsett / Is Plastic Fantastic
Anel Pieterse / Change the Migrant Experience
Saffron Harrison-Abbas / Animated type-based mental health campaign
Oliver Slater / You Did What? Card Game
Andzelika Makauskaite / Tuneful Wave
Phoebe Watts / Type Destruction
Phoebe Watts / Sweetcycle
Beata Borisovaite / Colour and Meaning: Interactive Experience
Boris Isajenko / ReSip
Oxana Inkina / Typegen
Saskia Millard / I Relate
Viktorija Tichomirova / Nike Membership
Iliyana Bratovanova / New Music Festival