University of Westminster, Graphic Communication Design BA (hons)

  • Jason Pidd
  • Shivali Patel
  • Alia Azad
  • Imogen Barber
  • Bianca Maria Nitu
  • Jisu BAE
  • Pragya Priyadarshini
  • Dobrusia Kaminska
  • Bogumil Bezel
  • Juliana Miguéis
  • Maya Patel
The Graphic Communication Design course at Westminster aims to engender creative, critical, and reflective thinkers within a rich and varied subject area.

We aim to enable students to develop and produce graphic design work that is innovative, meaningful, and suited to the genuine needs of end-users.

Ours is a broad-based course that, through multi-disciplinary approaches, encourages students to engage with the social contexts of graphic design and communication. Research, visual exploration, and critical reflection are central to the projects undertaken.

Our course culture aims to nurture individuality and personal growth, where cognitive and transferable skills are developed to support future challenges.
Bianca Nitu, 'Cross-Sensory Typography'
Shivali Patel, 'Type Figures'
Alia Azad, 'Production of Knowledge'
Bogumil Bezel, 'Typo Sign City'
Dobrusia Kaminska, 'Death, passing'
Imogen Barber, 'Mind Metamorphosis'
Juliana Migueis, 'Alive in Limbo'
Maya Patel, 'Frequency'
Jisu Bae, 'Korean Culture Exhibition'
Pragya Priyadarshini, 'Nexus'