University of Westminster, Illustration & Visual Communication BA (Hons)

  • Amelia Molly Mae Potter (The Lost Artist©2017)
  • Dimitrios Kozakis (kozakis.extreme©)
  • Evie Warren
  • Tali Matute
  • Ruwal Dangol
  • Calvin Mukoko
  • Sarah Elliott
  • BH Guo
  • Agnes Meakin
  • Angelica Bacani
  • I Tanvir
  • Jessie Tran
Our course offers a flexible, multimedia approach to the study and practice of contemporary illustration and visual communication arts.

The ethos of the course is to nurture individual creativity, through a programme that encourages an open and speculative approach, through visual inquiry and diagnostic experimentation across a wide range of image media practices and contexts.

Opportunities to participate in internships, work experience and industry led initiatives prepare students to enter the world of work. Many of our graduates operate as freelance or self-employed practitioners, developing careers in various fields of illustration, graphic design, animation, fine art and film
Julia Mueller - A-1
Natalia Stoyanova - White Raven
Agnes Meakin - Rave Journal
Calvin Mukoko - A-CI*
Binghao Guo - Dusk
Imaan Tanvir - Dil-E-Be-Nava
Sarah Elliott - Bird of Paradise
Mikey Blakely - Domestic Abuse
Natalia Matute Mari - Shelltimentals
Anneliese Moon - Virus
Evie Warren - Wild Nights
Angel Bacani - Beyond
Ruwal Dangol - Unlikeness
Dimitrios Kozakis - Harmony Hall
Amelia Potter - Pariah