Vauxhall Motors: Award winning online environment/experience

  • Stuart Casey
  • Natalie Morten-Spencer

From 2016 to 2019, we delivered the best online Fleet environment. The team and I scored nothing less than eight out of ten in each category and received full marks for half of them; put simply, the website we created was more geared to fleet users than any other manufacturer's highlighting our unmatched understanding for our audience and being the go to for fleet decision makers. Fundamental elements such as P11D and CO2 figures are glaringly obvious, the dealer locator has 15 different filters, some business specific, and contact details are extremely comprehensive. We also topped the app category, too, as our 'Vauxhall Roadtrip' offering was aimed squarely at company car drivers and managers to clock the users milage whilst using their company car, something company car drivers must submit for tax purposes. The tax calculator came third of the top ten but from the feedback received during the review we ensured that recommendations were considered. And lastly, the knowledge section of the website which contains valuable information for new to fleet FDM/CCD customers in the form of a series of YouTube videos explaining key fleet terms.