Visual Story Telling Traineeship - Magnum Photos & Create Jobs - The Idolisation Of Fashion

  • Ellie Radford
  • Larisa Guzun

London is the hub of the fashion industry, a place where people dedicate their lives to pursuing this idolised career. The photographer began her journey chasing the allure of fashion and the art form of clothing. Her own personal journey has opened her eyes to the fragmented reality of this industry where creativity is intertwined with idolisation, nepotism and the challenges of femininity. The angelic studio imagery references perfection and fantasy whilst the manual interruption of weaving these photographs alludes to the juxtapositions within the industry. This series is part of larger project investigation the connotations of colour associations and how these can be used as a form of silent communication. Is paradise an island of perfection? (Roger Robinson, 2019)

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