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Vivienne Westwood licenses Bruegel paintings for use as print on accessories and clothing

We are excited to announce that the hugely talented and inspirational British designer Vivienne Westwood has brought out a range of clothing and accessories using Old Master paintings. We have recently licensed a Pieter Bruegel the Elder painting and a Jan Bruegel the Elder painting, for use on towels, shirts and scarves.
Here we see Pieter Bruegel's Fight Between Carnival and Lent used beautifully on a Vivienne Westwood shirt, in her signature a-symmetric style..
The image has also be reproduced on a beach robe with the print modified in a patchwork design, overlaid with contrasting neon lines.
Jan Bruegel the Elder's Adam and Eve with God in the Garden of Eden and the story of the Fall has been reproduced on a wonderful swimsuit and large silk scarf:
Watch this space to see more exciting collaborations with Vivienne Westwood...

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