VR Dancefloors: Techno in Berlin, with Google & Boiler Room

  • Kevin Molloy
  • Ashleigh Otter
  • Gennaro Leone
  • Guy Rimay-Muranyi
  • Natalie Fox
This was a fun one! Interactive venues are a concept that I've been bouncing around in my head for a while, and I finally got to make a version of come to life in VR. Boiler Room made this excellent film to tease the experience, which gives an atmospheric, almost dystopian peek into the project:
... and here's a 360 tease of some of the actual footage in 360:
The end experience is 15 minutes long, and you can choose to spend that time in 4 (or sometimes 5, there are easter eggs!) different spots or rooms. It's exclusive to Daydream right now, and was used to give a tentpole to Google's Daydream activity in Germany.
The whole project was hugely ambitious. Starting as a concept I developed for Inception with Boiler Room, we had this exciting idea and concept of how it would come together, which Google came on board for. So far, already exciting enough. We then brought on the director, Easton West and started bringing the whole scope together. In the end we had about 100 people in Arena Club in Berlin (that we hired for 2 days), creating a realtime clubbing experience across 4 angles, where every shot has a subtle narrative that you can follow through the rooms, or just release yourself into the excellent music by Fjaak:
One of the more interesting things we decided upon was to integrate our User Interface into the shoot... and so those glowing orbs you see dotted around the room - those are the the things you click on to move between spaces within the end experience. We elected on this both to make use of the Daydream's handheld controller, but also to try to integrate the UI more seamlessly into the end experience, rather than relying on overlaid CGI.
Big shout outs to: all the folk at Boiler Room, Google & Inception - and especially to the director, Easton West, and to the DOP, Oliver Cross, and Producer, Natalie Fox.

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