Warner Music & Entertainment

At Warner I initiated a marketing project that rejigged our social media strategy. After three months of following the inherited strategy I realised that there was not enough engagement with the right people. Our social media pages were focused solely on client interaction and had a fairly limited following. I set myself the task to expand the general reach of our platforms. Being given no financial input for this, I looked up ways in which I could organically improve the exposure of our posts and found that word targeting was a simple method in which Facebook and Twitter’s algorithms could be manipulated. For example you could target the word ‘sync’ for a post and those whose pages feature that word regularly will stand a greater chance of seeing the post, even if they do not follow our page. Facebook’s new ‘suggested post’ feature, despite being a nuisance for most Facebook users, is a blessing for brands and companies looking to increase their reach using this method.
Using the spare time that I had after completing my main tasks I would set about trawling through our clients social pages and websites reading their ‘About’ section and blog posts finding key words and phrases and noting them down. It became clear over time a pattern that was emerging, and so identifying the most regularly used words I made a list of about 20 phrases and key words. On top of that I followed all potential clients on their socials and made an effort to introduce our self to the client making them aware of our services. Once I reported the list back to my manager and he was happy we had all our bases covered, we drafted up a post and using the keywords targeted the clients. The results spoke for themselves as the reach over time doubled on Twitter and tripled on Facebook. This was the result of the word targeting, which without having done the initial research would not have been made effective. Following on from this initial post we made others, using the most relevant words according to the posts, before changing up our strategy to three playlist posts a week and two other news relevant ones, depending on what was happening at the time.