WeWork Summer Camp

  • Eric Rivera
  • Roser Coma García
  • Georgina Rose
  • Megan Kieran
  • James Penfold
  • Andrew Whitton
  • Danny North
  • Jenna Foxton
  • Giles Smith
  • Justine Trickett
  • Carolina Faruolo
  • Andy Hughes

2018 was the seventh annual Summer Camp which saw 8,000 people from around the world come together as a community at Eridge Park, a wooden area 40 miles southeast of London, for a long weekend of music, food, outdoor activities, and opportunities to improve their skills or learn more about themselves. Most attendees were employees at WeWork, a number that has more than doubled over the past year to include more than 6,000 people. WeWork staffers consider Summer Camp a chance to bond with colleagues in a unique environment - out of the office! This was Fanatics second year on board as the official photographers. All images © Fanatic.

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