Wonderland UK - ASOS Assembles

  • Jessica Hall
  • Jamie Chapple
  • Esme Callaghan
  • Daisy Domville-Musters
Objectives & Strategy
To create an engaging and interactive experience for 2500+ of the global ASOS workforce that captures the essence of the brand. A platform for ASOS to educate and inspire their workforce about the company's future and fast-paced global growth and the responsibility the company has for making a positive impact in the world.
Building on the foundations of ASOS’ brand DNA, Wonderland Agency worked with ASOS to use their fearless bravery as a creative springboard to completely reinvent and flip the notion of a traditional conference. Collaborating with the creative team at ASOS, we together curated a content led event interjected with people-powered interactive and rewarding experiences. Creating an event of empowerment, guests were put at the heart of the experience and allowing them to create their own agenda resulting in an immersive, rewarding and unforgettable experience.