World of Tanks - No Other Win Compares

  • Paul Pearson
  • Drew Haselhurst
  • Dipesh Mistry

For Brave’s follow up to last year’s global spot for World of Tanks we dialled up the crazy, and wrangled some dolphins. World of Tanks has over 160 million active players, making one of the biggest MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games on the planet. It’s also tough. Really tough. That means when you do finally master it, it’s oh so satisfying. That’s where our campaign, ‘No other win compares’ comes in. Once you’ve had the hit of a World of Tanks win, nothing else cuts the mustard. Not even pulling Excalibur from the stone, or beating dolphins at the 100m individual medley. Two TV commercials, a retargeting film, print and online display are running globally across 11 markets.


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