Yard Sale Pizza – Brand Identity

  • Jonny Rowe
  • Joe Russell
Yard Sale Pizza is a ‘local neighbourhood pizza joint’ offering an alternative to the likes of Franco Manca, Domino’s and Pizza Hut, with a high-quality, stone-baked delivery pizza.
The identity and communications strategy was inspired by two core requirements for the brand. Firstly, to retain its essence of independence and avoid coming across like another new chain to the market. Secondly, it needed to portray a sense of fun and creativity to mirror the personality of the owners.
The positioning ‘Handmade Hand Delivered’ was defined to reflect both the product offer as well as the business proposition. This in turn inspired the creative. A multiple ‘handmade’ logo strategy was devised to build on the sense of individuality, creativity and bespokness that the brand required.
A bright colour palette, distinctive graphical direction, and collaborations with illustrators all contribute towards a unique and flexible system that is able to deliver a diverse range of applications.