Youth ARTwareness

  • George Osei-Prempeh
  • Dinalva Tavares
  • Uriel Blankson
  • Lucy Halligan
  • Esther Eniraiyetan
  • Kojo Marfo
Earlier this year, I project managed and co-curated a 4-day exhibition along with Kojo Marfo for My Runway Group.
We are losing our young future leaders at an alarming rate to various social issues. Knife crime, drug over dose, obesity, depression and other issues are robbing us of our full potential. YOUTH ARTwareness is our way of creating awareness about these various topics using bespoke artwork from young outstanding artists to allow art to create and facilitate these conversations. We showcased: Darren John, Emmanuel Unaji, Sarah Owusu, Koby Martin and MIDICHI. This curation was made possible by the following partners: This Is Soho, Art-Alive Arts Trust, Black Pepper PR and Shaftesbury. 
Images were captured by Emily Nkanga.

"Art is a silent conversation."

One of our featured artists, Eman Unaji candidly explains his creative process and inspiriation behind his artworks. From doubt, to self-believe, to overcoming creative block, Unaji speaks on why the need for accessible art and opportunities is increasingly important for youth.
One of Sarah Owusu's pieces explores the idea of us being caught up in the social media age, and how our identity is gradually becoming based on instant likes, followings, and vanity.