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  • Benio Urbanowicz
Zinc builds new tech companies that solve the developed world’s toughest social issues.
Learning from the successful innovation systems in computer and life sciences, Zinc combines insights from social sciences with top entrepreneurial talent and venture capital to build new, scalable mission-led businesses. The Zinc Programme brings together 50 bright minds for 6 months to find their co-founders and build new commercial businesses from scratch. Each programme has a single mission, to solve a social problem which affects at least 100m people.
The Design Laboratory is proud to have been commission to not only partner with Zinc but also create and develop its unique visual identity. Zinc’s branding tell the story of their ethos and strategy which relies on collaboration, and the partnering of expertise. Zinc offers a platform for innovation and change, a platform inviting and supporting collaborators, innovators and pioneers in their field. Confidently standing with 50% opacity, and only showing you the tip of the Iceberg, the Zinc logo engage you to complete the equation and be part of the team as every issues and missions approached by Zinc will require a deeper understanding, a new perspective and methodology to actively reveal the full picture.

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