Ali Hejazian

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Ali Hejazian

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Projects credited in
  • First-Class Academic Media Studies Essay
    First-Class Academic Media Studies EssayThis essay was crafted in 2020 for a BA Media Studies module. The client needed help fleshing out their ideas, critically evaluating resources, and formatting their work. I worked in tandem with the client to perfectly finesse the essay to reflect their style of thinking as well as their style of voice. We agreed upon a certain number of revisions in our contract, but the client was happy with the work after the first submitted draft.
  • Diddikai
    DiddikaiCreated for a project exploring sound design for moving image, this short video briefly covers the perception of Anglo-Romanies in contemporary England and the balance between social integration and losing their cultural identity. Inspired by the ethno-musicology of "Latcho Drom" by Tony Gatlif, and the autobiographical nature of "Angelo My Love" directed by Robert Duvall, and following in the path of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy's "Großstadtzigeuner", I have made this short film to document my perspecti
  • Esadva
  • Depression
    DepressionCommision Editorial Illustration for a magazine.
  • Creative Way For Ocean Explore
    Creative Way For Ocean Explore
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