D&AD Masterclasses - What's on in June 2019

At D&AD, we know that achieving creative excellence takes more than pure skill. It takes a certain mindset, a bit of business acumen, and a dose of cultural understanding. That’s why we work with Pencil-winning expert to deliver transformative Masterclasses at D&AD all year. Our creative learning programs connect you and your business directly to the people making the most outstanding work today and enable to learn skills to generate brilliant outcomes tomorrow.

 Take a look at all of the Masterclasses coming up in June. For more info or to book your spot, see here: https://www.dandad.org/en/d-ad-professional-development-creative-training-courses/ Managing Creative and Client Relationships, 6 June 
Delve deep into the psychology of the different types of personalities you are likely to encounter in your working life, and how best to deal with them. Think, Plan, Act: How to be Strategic, 11 June
 This Masterclass believes being strategic greatly increases your chances of success. Fine tune your strategic instincts and gain a deep insight into strategic planning and thinking.

 How to get the best out of your Creative Team, 12 June 
Managing creative people is a challenge at the best of times. Understand the qualities needed to successfully lead a team and grow on your own leadership skills.

 UX Design Workshop for Digital Creatives, 14 June
 User experience is the emotion, intuition, and connection a person feels when using a site, or product. Learn the seven key rules to design and future-proof your user experience. Creating Short-form Copywriting for Impact, 20 June Practice and perfect the art of brevity in your copywriting, become your own editor and learn how to achieve maximum illumination with minimal expression Brand Design and Strategy for Creatives, 21 June
 Why do some brands thrive and others fail? Gain unique insights into the strategic and design sides of branding from world-class expert Michael Johnson. Ideas, Ideas, Ideas, 28 June
 Take part in the ultimate creative workout as you learn how to have great ideas time and again, push through any creative block and see potential in any brief. Book your spot now: https://www.dandad.org/en/d-ad-professional-development-creative-training-courses/