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Austera Premakara

Multidisplinary DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Austera Premakara

Multidisplinary DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Austera is a multidisciplinary designer, focusing on interactive art and architecture. She has always had an eye for architecture, technology, and fashion. She's been exploring the boundary between the arts and technology can affect people's perspective. She graduated from Parsons The New School and has worked in multiple fashion firms in New York City. Currently, she is doing her research at Bartlett - University College London in Performance and Interactions, exploring the idea of how to expose an environmental problem to the community through interactive installation and technology.
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Projects credited in
  • HALOA product designed for a Bompas & Parr competition, Fountain of Hygiene. Designed to address the future of Hygiene and potential adaptation to the new norms of a global health crisis. The project received a lot of exposure, it has been exhibited in the Design Museum in London, as well as receiving the 1st Runner up award in the People's Choice Award Category between 182 projects.
  • Afoul.A short film exploring the correlation between nature and manmade structures. Exposing the juxtaposition of the two by projecting natural waterscapes onto artificial building materials and surfaces. The film also uses artificial materials and lights to create a liquid-like projection on the walls. ​ This project was part of a one week workshop based on narratives that can be created through lighting means. All footage was shot at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Part and Here East
  • Wearable ProjectionA project created to enhance the shopping experience and add value to the garments. Higher engagement between the buyer and their clothes leads to a more conscious experience and treatment of the clothes.
  • Wearable SpaceWearable Space is a performative space that creates a wearable field of light and sound that visualizes our responsibility for maintaining a sustainable system. The idea rose through various explorations and projects around the environmental impact of the fast fashion industry. The installation uses only 1.5L of water to create an environment, where each one cotton t-shirt uses up more than 1500L to manufacture. This installation uses sound waves to modulate the water within the lanterns to cre
  • 1.5L - Fashion Film'One cotton t-shirt uses enough drinking water to sustain one human for three years.' Director and editor: Michele Vicenti Models: Beatrice Garattoni, Tatenda Naomi Matsvai Cinematographer: Martino Masi Music: Tarquin Project developers: Marina Ierides, Austera Premakara, Arum Larasati Winarso Makeup: Nicole Mok Made in collaboration with Bartlett University and Interactive Architecture Lab. Thanks to: Idioma Clothing, Delamar Makeup School, Michael, Lucerne
  • Wearable AugmentationIn order to create a more sustainable future, the engagement between the garment and the buyer should increase. The buyer should become a custodian of their clothes and not just a customer. My team and I worked towards creating a shopping environment that amplifies the experience of shopping, aiming to create a stronger bond between the clothes and the buyer. We experimented with technologies that can be used in-store to amplify that engagement.
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  • Arduino Programming
  • Adobe Suite
  • Model Making
  • Branding
  • Javascript
  • Cinema 4D
  • Rhino
  • Autocad