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Bart D'Angelo

IllustratorUnited Kingdom
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Bart D'Angelo

IllustratorUnited Kingdom
About me
I am a freelance Illustrator, graphic novel, and comic crafter, involved in editorial, narrative, and independent publishing, among other things. - I have
a special admiration for atmosphere, language, and narrative in all of its forms - on traditional formats but especially on experimental platforms: From the endless inspiration of literature to the fluidity of sequential narrative - which I explored through alternative comics such as Ponte Berlino (, Genesis (Stripburger #73) and others. - I am currently involved in an overseas collaboration to illustrate Cameron Robert’s new novella License to Desire - coming out soon. I am working on some colorful contributions to a few anthologies and magazines, and soon I will come back to bring ideas into the world with my collection of folks Illustrators. With the same thrill, I am ravenous for new projects and chances to craft images.
  • Language is the scaffold of mindProspective editorial illustration by Nautilus on Language, how it shapes us, and how its loss affects us differently.
  • License to Desire by R.K RiddleWork in progress Illustrations for the License to Desire by R.K. Riddle - also known as Cameron Roberts ("Listening to Bethlem"). Soon to be published both as a physical and digital book. The story is like walking into a dark familiar room - everything feels recognized yet disorientating and obscure.
  • Josè Ardadio Buendìa - One Hundred Years of SolitudeOne from a series of Narrative Illustrations for Gabriel Garcìa Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude - recently shortlisted for the AOI World Illustration Award.
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Projects credited in
  • #StreetDraw24 - fundraising arts platform for the street homelessIn 2018 I created Streetdraw24 with the thought of using something I'm good at to do something good. StreetDraw24 is a simple idea - draw from the streets where you live during a 24-hour period then use what's created to raise funds for a local cause. So far we've raised c. 4k for local homelessness charity St Petrocs and created beautiful works that have been exhibited locally.
  • Falmouth University, Illustration BA(Hons)BA Illustration at Falmouth University has a long and distinguished history. Always at the heart of the course’s philosophy is the intention of producing graduates that know how to create powerful and successful illustrative solutions. Our graduates understand how to promote and market themselves within a rapidly evolving visual communication industry with many going on to forge successful careers as freelance illustrators, art directors and designers amongst many other potential careers. We enc
  • 100%A collaborative zine and exhibition by students at Falmouth University, sharing personal perspectives on mental health.
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  • Illustration
  • Conceptual Thinking
  • Idea Generation
  • Ideas Development
  • Visual Art
  • Visual Communication
  • Craft Art
    BA (hons) IllustrationFalmouth University
    United Kingdom
    Shortlisted artist for the AOI World Illustration AwardAssociation of Illustrators (AOI)
    Shortlisted for the AOI World Illustration Award for the category "commercial publishing" and "new talents"