bea Friend

Hair StylistLondon, United Kingdom
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Garry Wood
Matthew Neophytou

bea Friend

Hair StylistLondon, United Kingdom
Projects credited in
  • Madhava Bence Kalmar Portfolio 2020
    Madhava Bence Kalmar Portfolio 2020My portfolio which I assembled from my images from over the past two and a half years.
  • GHD- For that perfect curl
    GHD- For that perfect curlJust a fun ad for last years' Chip Shop Awards. This was nominated for the "best ad that really should run (but hasn't)" category 2019.
  • GHD x ASOS
    GHD x ASOS
  • GHD Commercial
    GHD CommercialDOP: James Medcraft Set Design: Maddie Hunter Creative Production: Cameron Carswell
  • GHD 5 Sec Curls
    GHD 5 Sec Curls
  • GHD "Curve"
    GHD "Curve"GHD CURLS STAY UP ALL NIGHT LONG For GHD we needed to launch a new curling range which promised to hold curls for a whopping 24 hours. We also took the opportunity to reinvigorate the spirit of the new religion positioning that had originally made the brand famous. Putting a head of curls through rigorous all-night party testing, where all sorts threaten to disrupt the sacred bounce, we irreverently prove GHD curls have as much stamina as you. The campaign worked across Cinema, Online, trade, in
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