Ben Waters

Ben Waters

CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
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Ben Waters

Ben Waters

CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Cambridge Graduate with interests in copywriting and creative strategy.
  • Corpus Christi May Ball - Branding & Merchandise
    Corpus Christi May Ball - Branding & MerchandiseAnother aspect of my role was to direct and produce the Ball's advertising, branding and merchandise throughout the year. This included website copy and design (executed with Jack Hodkinson from Web & Ticketing); promotional videos (produced by Teralon); advertisement graphics; sponsorship brochure content writing and design; programme content writing and design; ticket design; wristband design; poster design; committee sash design; overseeing the committee photography and social media presence (with Lauren Ong from Sponsorship over Facebook and Instagram).  The role demanded that I express the Ball's key theme coherently and consistently over a range of media, from clothing to digital display, and I now feel much more confident in adapting myself to creative demands of any brief. It also required me to communicate the brand verbally and visually and was just as much about writing snappy, sales-worthy content as it was about creating a visual framework around the event. This page only displays some of my work. For more samples, please see, Corpus Christi May Ball on Facebook and corpusmayball on Instagram. A link to the programme which I wrote and designed:
  • Corpus Christi May Ball - Decorations & Displays
    Corpus Christi May Ball - Decorations & DisplaysFor over a year, I worked as a part of a creative duo with Lizzi Hawkins on the Corpus Christi May Ball 2017, Cambridge. One part of our shared role was to theme and design each space within the Ball and art-direct any displays which were showcased on the night itself. The theme of the Ball was colours, hence the title 'Canvas: A Night in Colour' (which both Lizzi and I were partly responsible for naming). The big idea behind the general theme was that we were turning College into our own canvas for the night and transforming it into a work of art. Each space/room in the Ball was given a specific colour on the spectrum, which had a decorations subtheme associated with it. For example, Old Court was assigned the colour blue and its subtheme was the 'Deep Sea'. Lizzi and I had to pitch our themes for each space to the committee to ensure that we had the most striking and visually coherent idea possible which we could then carry out practically and affordably in the week leading up to the Ball. Across each of its eleven spaces, we made sure that the appearance and the mood of the Ball was varied and exciting. From the soothing umbrella canopy in Library court to the bustling Bazaar-like warren of the Bursar's Garden and the otherworldly space-themed silent disco of Hall, we attempted to take each of the Ball's 1000 guests on a visual journey through each colour of the spectrum. I also art-directed the Ball's lightshow, which was displayed at midnight on the College’s chapel. My role was to moodboard the themes and details of the show and then to choreograph its main images into a sequence soundtracked to a song of my choice. Elio Jack Beccegato, a graphic designer and animator, put my ideas into practice and created the visuals for the display, which I provided feedback on and restructured over the next few months. The company Visual Poke was absolutely central to the logistics of the projection itself, successfully setting up and displaying the show on the night of the Ball. The sequence as a whole was intended to express the key concepts and ideas behind the Ball, including its main subthemes and the big creative idea of transforming this ancient setting into a bright new canvas of its own. It was described by many guests as the highlight of the night.
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  • The Choice: 10 Years of Creative Conscience
    The Choice: 10 Years of Creative ConscienceIt's our 10TH YEAR - thanks to each and everyone one of you for supporting our vision for a fairer, healthier, more just, sustainable and regenerative world. THANK YOU for liking, following, attending, engaging, sharing, entering, judging, representing, watching and loving what we do as a collective community of creative game-changing. Become part of the solution - regenerate the world, your life and society. We love you + a massive THANKS again. You rock! Please share this + help spread the n
Work history
    Culture Whisper logo
    Culture Whisper logo
    Copywriting/Editorial InternCulture Whisper
     - Leicester St, London W1D, UKFull Time
    - Wrote, edited and researched articles for an editorial platform - Produced headlines and captions for each piece - Optimised content for social media and search engines through key words - Managed the platform's Twitter profile - Sample article:
    Content Writing
     - Full Time
    - Drafted website and social media content for a travel information -publisher - Reviewed and photographed art and culture events in London - Produced articles, GIFs and taglines to promote specific exhibitions - Sample review:
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  • Copywriting
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    University of Cambridge logo
    University of Cambridge logo
    BA (Hons) ClassicsUniversity of Cambridge
     - Cambridge, United Kingdom
    - High 2.1 in Classics - Moule Prize Winner (2016): award for a college translation competition - Intermediate Exhibitioner (2015-16): scholarship for my first year exam performance
    IBSevenoaks School
     - Sevenoaks, United Kingdom
    - Awarded 45 out of 45 points for my diploma - 7 points in English, History & Latin at Higher Level respectively - 7 points in Philosophy, Biology & Maths Studies at Standard Level respectively - 3 bonus points in Theory of Knowledge & Extended Essay - School Latin Prize Winner (2013)