Bethany Chuck

Bethany Chuck

IllustratorLeeds, United Kingdom
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Bethany Chuck

Bethany Chuck

IllustratorLeeds, United Kingdom
About me
I write and illustrate children’s picture books which seek to enchant young minds with the wonder of nature and the importance of caring for the people, plants and animals that populate this beautiful planet. My work tackles serious social and environmental issues but I like to weave in little nuggets of nonsense and sprinklings of silliness to create stories and images which are both engaging and challenging. I create my work using hand rendered mixed media techniques.
  • Wunderkammer final - Biophilia
    Wunderkammer final - BiophiliaFree play in nature is more important than you might think! Peeking at plants and critters, climbing trees and exploring wilderness appeals to our inner sense of biophilia and are important to a child’s cognitive development and general happiness.
  • Megamess
    MegamessSubmission for Templar Children's Book Competition 2020. Front cover design and double page spread illustration for Megamess manuscript by Eoin McLaughlin - a humorous take on an environmental theme.
  • The Strawberry Thief - Children's book project
    The Strawberry Thief - Children's book projectThe Strawberry Thief is a book inspired by the prints and principles of William Morris. It tells the story of the thrush who inspired William Morris’ most famous print, playfully reflecting Morris’ eco-socialist ideals. Each page is inspired by a different wallpaper or textile print. The Strawberry Thief 1. In the little forest there was a great tree. Its branches were high up and safe and its fruits were rich and plentiful, so all the birds lived there. 2. But the peacock king owned the tre
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  • Falmouth University, Illustration BA(Hons)
    Falmouth University, Illustration BA(Hons)BA Illustration at Falmouth University has a long and distinguished history. Always at the heart of the course’s philosophy is the intention of producing graduates that know how to create powerful and successful illustrative solutions. Our graduates understand how to promote and market themselves within a rapidly evolving visual communication industry with many going on to forge successful careers as freelance illustrators, art directors and designers amongst many other potential careers. We enc
  • Illustration
  • Mixed Media
  • Analogue Drawing
  • Children Illustration
  • Book Illustration
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    Illustration BA (hons) Falmouth University
     - Falmouth, United Kingdom
    I recieved a First Class degree in Illustration 06/2020.