Bex Hildred

Bex Hildred

Graphic Design GraduateLondon, United Kingdom
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Bex Hildred

Bex Hildred

Graphic Design GraduateLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I believe that design should appeal to everyone and I strive to create work that is simple, clear and playful. I work in a tangible and experimental way which had led me to develop interests in print, branding, 3D and experiential design.
  • The Decadence In Decay
    The Decadence In DecayA promotional package for Kingston fashion graduate Shannon Brown's final year collection. The lookbook consisting of a simple layout and large format emphasises the extravagant garments. Meanwhile the logo and written spreads use blackletter and shapes taken from patterns in the fabric, creating an identity that has a direct link and is relevant to the collection's mood.
  • Highlight The Problem
    Highlight The ProblemIn collaboration with Lucy Carasco, Alice Dowdall, Daisy Handley, Natalie Hart & Olivia Page Raising awareness for Amnesty International's 'Stop Torture' campaign, recorded in a short film. Our aim was getting the public of London to 'highlight the problem' both physically and mentally. The problem being that despite being illegal torture is still being used in many countries worldwide.
  • Make It Your Home
    Make It Your HomeIn collaboration with Kristie Arnett & Lauren Crossland A proposed interactive shop front for John Lewis. Shoppers have the opportunity to make the window 'their home' by placing their portraits into frames in the display. These portraits are taken and sent live via an in-store Photo Booth. 'Make It Your Home' aims to create a more personal and emotional response to the window whilst encouraging people inside the shop.
  • Make New & Mend
    Make New & MendA promotional package for Kingston fashion graduate Anya Aldred's final year collection. Titled 'Make New & Mend' the collection uses methods and materials associated with preserving, storing and repairing garments. I chose to use hand binding and screen printed translucent film to emulate the plastic and embroidered components of the garments.
  • Urby
    UrbyA brand encouraging people to make instead of buy their clothes by providing contemporary dress patterns, fabrics and haberdashery. The identity extends from the importance of the customer's personalisation, expression and creativity so I designed a versatile motif that changes in accordance to the individual. The website allows users to build virtual designs through interactivity and skeuomorphism, mimicking the tactile process of shopping for and making clothes. The website also functions as a network where people can show off their designs, ask questions and learn from each other.
  • Snatch
    SnatchA re-design of Guy Ritchie's Snatch screenplay. Snatch, is a film set in London in the late 1990's and follows two stories. One, the search for a stolen diamond and the other a boxing promoter under the thumb of a nasty gangster. The graphic language has been informed by ephemera of the time such as fanzines, rave posters and album artwork to reflect the violence and criminal underworld depicted.
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Work history
    Creative Intern
     - Stanmore, United KingdomInternship
  • Adobe Create Suite
  • Print
  • Sewing
  • Team Player
  • Graphic Design
  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Arts
    BA Graphic Design
     - London, United Kingdom