Cedric Maurice Wiegel

Cedric Maurice Wiegel

Audio Content Producer/Artist for Immersion/EducatorLondon, United Kingdom
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Cedric Maurice Wiegel

Cedric Maurice Wiegel

Audio Content Producer/Artist for Immersion/EducatorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
** FULLY EQUIPPED FOR WORKING REMOTELY ** Open, communicative and highly passionate, I truly believe in having an authentic connection with people. Every idea begins small. By connecting, the spark is ignited. I tell stories through sound. Vibration, in all of its manifestations, surrounds us daily and influences our perception of our environment and our relation to it. One could say that our experiences, memories and primal instincts are all rooted in resonance. Using this mentality, I curate and create sound that reflects a projects sentiment and narrative. As I hold a BA of Interdisciplinary Arts, I combine the technical skill of sound design with a deep understanding of multimedia work processes, such as visuals, motion and film, design, installations and performance. This enables me to work in a highly demanding, cross-disciplinary work environment where there is no linear outcome, but a multitude of diverse outputs, all bespoke according to their story and concept. I am an experienced educator and lecturer, having developed workshops and curricula for within the field of art and design. I believe that our need to reflect and modify educational formats for the future is essential in today’s digital era. My vision is to contribute to the current shift of paradigm about the meaning and approach to education. As I am a curious thinker I naturally like to push boundaries. Using holistic design thinking, I take great joy in creating synergies between disciplines by understanding their respective characteristics and be surprised by the outcome of intense prototyping sessions. Experienced in (to gain further insight into the relation of these skills, check my CV): - Sound design (for interactive installations, exhibitions, digital and motion, amongst others) - Education and workshop development - Project management (budgeting, pre and post production) - Design thinking (rapid prototyping, understanding production processes) - Concept and story development (ranging from theoretical research to production and execution) - Pitching and public speaking (any audience) - Artistic consultancy - Writing and editing Software: - Digital Audio Workstations (Ableton, Reaper, applicable to any DAW) - Adobe Illustrator (Logo development and visualizations) - Adobe Premiere (short-film editing) - Microsoft Office - Google Suite Official qualifications: BA, Interdisciplinary Arts (2017) IB Certificates (2013)
  • Floral Message
    Floral MessageFloral Message is a short art video, created and directed by Art Director Raya van der Kroon. ​ In our society we receive forms of appreciation and emotional communication mostly via digital platforms. Our phone almost became the contemporary bouquet, showing acknowledgement when we get a Tinder match or maintain an Instagram friendship. ​ The video explores floriography, the cryptologic communication behind flowers, through the question of how we could reclaim the code and language of flowers a
  • The Danger Zone: an independent heavy music platform
    The Danger Zone: an independent heavy music platformRaw, edgy, somewhat weird and most definitely heavy. Those are the characteristics that we are striving to create for The Danger Zone: a platform for upcoming artists and bands in the heavy music scene.
  • Pretty Exposed
    Pretty ExposedPretty Exposed is an interdisciplinary fashion production by Raya van der Kroon. It is an exploration into the boundaries of female sexiness and empowerment with field research done in Rio de Janeiro and Amsterdam. The sonic concept was made around the same principles. A gloomy, nightlife atmosphere that included texts of interviewed women in Rio and Amsterdam, painting a picture of what it is to be sexy but yet empowered. Field recordings were added, colliding both the open tropical culture
Projects credited in
  • Floral Message
    Floral Message“Gifts of blooms, plants, and specific floral arrangements were used to send a coded message to the recipient, allowing the sender to express feelings which could not be spoken aloud in Victorian society.” Floriography is the term that defines the language of flowers, standing for the cryptological communication through the use of flowers. For this project my aim was to rewrite floriography to the digital age, reviving physical flowers as a form of communication. In our society we receive form
Work history
    Marketing AssociateFuture Phonic Studios
    London, United KingdomInternship
    Future Phonic Studios x Abbey Road Institute AMS x Wisseloord Studios Hilversum In collaboration with Future Phonic Studios, I am striving to build a community around immersive audio and sound in London. I support FPS with business development through research, scouting for new opportunities and expanding our network. Associates of FPS: Tom Pearce David Miles Huber Robin Reumers
    Sound Designer + ComposerNINE Sustainable Design
    Amsterdam, NetherlandsFreelance
    Soundtrack for Nine Marrin Parres' new fashion collection, entitled 'Stand Your Ground'. Presented at the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week 2018 Stand Your Ground is a cultural collective based on interdisciplinary collaboration. Using fashion, dance, visuals and music, we research new work methods in order to organically combine disciplines and makers during the creative process. During the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week (October 2018), ten professional dancers embodied and showcased Nine Parres’ new fashion collection. By connecting all these different disciplines, a new form of fashion presentation unraveled: “The most extravagant show was doubtlessly the one of Nine Parre” the Amsterdam Fashion Week Report commented.
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  • Sound Editing
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Concept Development
  • Sound Art
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Workshop Development
  • Conduct Workshops
  • Art Production
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Client Presentation
    BA Interdisciplinary Artshogeschool zuyd Maastricht
     - Maastricht, Netherlands
    https://www.iartsmaastricht.com/ Being a young BA course, iArts focuses on preparing students to be able to work in a highly dynamic, flexible and cross-disciplinary environment. By using art, entrepreneurship and academic research as cornerstones, students learn how to develop and execute creative concepts for a variety of working fields such as science, architecture and theater, amongst others. By initiating collaboration within these working fields, the aim is the development of innovative projects, products and processes.
    IB CertificatesFranconian International School
     - Erlangen, Germany
    I received my IB certificates in the following subjects: HL Business and Management HL History HL English Language and Literature SL German Language and Literature SL Environmental Systems and Societies Theory of Knowledge www.the-fis.de