Ceri Wyn Jones

Ceri Wyn Jones

CreativeLondon, United Kingdom
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Ceri Wyn Jones

Ceri Wyn Jones

CreativeLondon, United Kingdom
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CERI WYN JONES Food Designer & Artist One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. - Virginia Woolf Life without taste would be lifeless. Not only is tasting an integral part of people’s daily life but it’s something that’s implanted within society as a method of defining oneself. Peoples eating habits become rituals and eating becomes sacred. Food presents familiarity and is often seen as one of the world’s most universal ‘languages’ defining itself as a bread breaker in troublesome times where language cannot suppress. My work centres around a passion for all things food, often combining taste with a distorted perspective of eating, primarily focussing on taste innovation, irony and photography. My practice often dissects the materiality of food and its structural similarities by forcing a skewed perspective upon certain everyday objects, replacing the ordinary with the surreal. Through the mirroring of material and modification of foods my practice aims to create an aesthetically similar product which binds the edible with that of the non-edible, meanwhile confounding the viewer and urging them to “double take”. Colour and titling plays a key role within my practice through the process of suggestive hinting, clues and double entendre’s (Valencheeto, Buzzed Bun etc.) My practice also provokes the idea of taste as an art form in itself, through comparing the ritual of viewing art, to that of tasting “art”. Both mediums overlap through the process of critic, engagement and experimentation. With this in mind, staying up to date with modern gastronomy and food psychology is crucial to my practice in order for me to explore my ideas with ingredients as most of the time I interact with methods unknown to the public eye. This level of curiosity towards the food strengthens the audience’s experience, providing brand new sensations for the viewer to taste, as often many people have not “felt” this level of unfamiliarity since first tasting food as a child. Through the use of organoleptic experience, my practice aims to confuse the interaction between taste, sight and smell through the primal essence of habitual tasting. It also aims to celebrate food, it’s history and its cultural importance. As well as doing this, I hope to change common misconceptions in relation to food’s stance in the art world and de-stigmatise taste’s role as an art medium in itself by providing people with mouth-altering experiences which capture my practice’s vision and escalate curiosity. Based in: London, England Anglesey, North Wales. INSTAGRAM: @ceriwynjones CERIWYNJONES1@GMAIL.COM For CV enquiries please email me. BA Hons Fine Art @ Central Saint Martins, London. 2019
  • Valencheeto
    ValencheetoIntroducing the VALENCHEETO Makeup Collection. Here I used crushed cheese puffs to create a pressed powder eyeshadow, a face powder and a lipstick. As flavoured lipsticks and makeup products had previously been a big hit with companies such as Fanta and Coca- Cola creating their very own flavour enhancing products I decided to intertwine the glamour of the makeup industry with something that is seen as repulsive and “dirty”. Here, I used minimal advertising techniques to transform something vulg
  • Creative Face Art
    Creative Face ArtMakeup Artistry Experience
  • Nescafe Azera - Assistant Food Stylist
    Nescafe Azera - Assistant Food Stylist
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  • Lost Lagoon
    Lost LagoonThis New Year, Bompas & Parr and Captain Morgan rum will take Londoners on a nautical adventure to an underground paradise: the Lost Lagoon. Launching for three months from the beginning of February 2019 until early April, this ticketed event will open in a secret subterranean central London location and offer the chance for budding buccaneers to leave the dark, dank English winter on a delicious journey of discovery.
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