Chloe Farsi

Graphic Designer



About me

I am a super organised, slightly competitive graphic designer. I love to be busy and productive. I enjoy injecting my designs with a hand skill based practise, with particular interest in paper craft and pattern design. My goal is always to produce a professional and coherent design for the problem at hand. My practice extends across a varied range of disciplines; editorial, branding, advertising and marketing. In my spare time I enjoy designing and executing concepts for themed parties and events, I have a particular obsession with balloons for the moment. Through the four years I’ve been at University I have been a student representative, I’m also taking a lead role in the organising of the final exhibition that will take place this summer; which has increased my communication skills through chairing meetings and practical decision making and fostering meaningful discussion. In other words - managing people. I am currently looking for a design job where I can start my professional career, continue to explore my interests and enthusiasm and love for the subject.

Locked Pro Plan feature


  • Branding
  • Pattern Design
  • Editorial
  • Paper Art
  • Party Planning
  • Parties



(hons) Graphic Design

University of Cumbria

Sep 2013
  • United Kingdom
  • 4 year programme with a foundation year.