Cian Hogan

Cian Hogan

Motion Designer / IllustratorGalway, Ireland
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Cian Hogan

Cian Hogan

Motion Designer / IllustratorGalway, Ireland
About me
Freelance Motion Designer & Illustrator based in Galway, Ireland.
  • Stolen Glances
    Stolen GlancesAfter arriving in London in early 2019, I began drawing quick portraits of people around me on buses and trains, making a conscious effort not to get caught staring at anyone. The result almost a year was a pile of sketchbooks filled with sour-faced commuters. I scanned and arranged a thousand of these portraits with their gaze drifting in circles so that when flicked through, the heads spin. Riso printed on A6 Munken Lynx, by Studio OR.
  • Slow Meadow - Liminal Animal
    Slow Meadow - Liminal AnimalMusic video for American Neo-classical composer Slow Meadow. The style of animation draws inspiration from painters such as Asger Jorn, Clyfford Still, Mark Rothko and other abstract expressionists who placed an emphasis on colour and mood, using broad gestural brush strokes to convey ideas and emotion. Also exploring the work of Carl Jung and the collective subconscious, in which motifs, shapes and symbols are passed down through the ages. The aim was to apply these principles to the field of
  • Brigid Mae Power
    Brigid Mae PowerStills from a music video created for folk singer Brigid Mae Power. The song ‘Is My Presence in the Room Enough for you?’ details the singer’s tendency to drift off mid conversation with someone she’s not particularly interested in due to barriers of conformity and social structure. The idea was to show Brigid’s consciousness represented as an abstract form moving slowly through dream-like landscapes and eventually returning to the real world, signalling her emergence from a daydream. The vide
Projects credited in
  • Teaching with Tatiek
    Teaching with TatiekTatiek’s forward-thinking teaching style incorporates educational videos into the classroom, but in Indonesia, patchy signals and expensive data makes watching videos a frustrating obstacle. Tatiek downloads videos via YouTube Go, allowing her to show them to students at any time whilst keeping control over her data. The film was shown at Google for Indonesia, the annual summit where YouTube Go was launched.
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