Clara Begliardi Ghidini

Clara Begliardi Ghidini

Multimedia Artist - Video CreatorItaly
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Clara Begliardi Ghidini

Clara Begliardi Ghidini

Multimedia Artist - Video CreatorItaly
About me
I’m a multidisciplinary artist currently undertaking the second year of a Fine Arts Bachelor in the UK. I have a passion for contemporary and innovative creative video-making, photography and fashion - which I attempt to explore through my independent artistic practice. I like to think of art as a vital organ that is symbiotically connected to our senses. I smell, breathe, touch, taste, and see art - it lives in and embodies everything that I do and it is the reason I consider myself creative and adequate to work in this sector. As a sociable being and great communicator I am always on the look-out for new opportunities that will expand my knowledge in the world of art and digital media. I would like to take full advantage of this energy and enthusiasm I cultivated towards this passion of mine by working on projects - either small or large - surrounded by people with similar interests and driving forces.
  • Absent Presence of Present Awareness, 2020
    Absent Presence of Present Awareness, 2020This short video is a visual experiment that combines sound and moving images in hope of representing my emotional response to moving to different countries from an early age.
  • Truth or Illusion, 2021
    Truth or Illusion, 2021A video in partnership with AUB and the European Space Agency exploring the relationship between fantasy and reality through the synthesis of the artists personal footage and found-footage in an attempt to reveal the technological development between the late 1950's to the present.
Projects credited in
  • Undergrowth
    UndergrowthThis collection of experimental accessories is inspired by the undergrowth; fascinating worlds of insects and plants that live beneath the traditionally beautiful elements of nature that we expect and are used to seeing. The 3-dimensional insects and flower accessories within this collection are made from laser cut acrylic, wood and reclaimed leather pieces that have all been linked entirely with beads, which allows them all to move in unique ways. During this project I have particularly enjoyed
  • Video Art
  • Video Editing
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Communication Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity
  • Ambitious
  • Time Management
  • Fine Art
  • Creative Arts
  • Being Friendly
  • Italian
  • French
  • Fluent English
    Arts University Bournemouth logo
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    Bachelor of Arts (BA) Arts University Bournemouth
    Bournemouth, United Kingdom
    I am currently in my second year of the Fine Arts BA course at the Arts University Bournemouth.
    IGCSE and IB (international Baccalaureate)Antwerp International School
     - Antwerp, Belgium
    International Baccalaureate Higher Level Subjects: Visual Arts (HL) History (HL) English Literature (HL)