• Ruby Zena Travis
  • Rachael Button
  • King Martinez
  • Andreas Reusser
  • dior goshen
  • Alexis Puellone
  • Clara Begliardi Ghidini

This collection of experimental accessories is inspired by the undergrowth; fascinating worlds of insects and plants that live beneath the traditionally beautiful elements of nature that we expect and are used to seeing. The 3-dimensional insects and flower accessories within this collection are made from laser cut acrylic, wood and reclaimed leather pieces that have all been linked entirely with beads, which allows them all to move in unique ways. During this project I have particularly enjoyed making traditionally repellent insects such as centipedes and woodlice into fun, bright, and beautiful creations that people want to interact with, I love that contrast between themes, and I find it very exciting to be able to show people new ways to see the world around us. I collaborated with Rachael Button, Pheobe Nightingale, Milena Watts, Clara Begliardi and Tabitha Michael to photograph these pieces.