Cristina Morales

Cristina Morales

Cultural Activist ◯ Anthropologist. Artist. Writer. Curator.London, United Kingdom
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Cristina Morales

Cristina Morales

Cultural Activist ◯ Anthropologist. Artist. Writer. Curator.London, United Kingdom
About me
Cristina Morales is a London-based Spanish-born cultural activist - a transdisciplinary cultural practitioner with international experience working as researcher, writer, curator, speaker, critical pedagogue and artist at the intersection of art, psychology and politics for self and community development . She holds a Master in Arts & Culture Production from the Open University of Catalonia, and a Bachelor in Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of Barcelona, Spain. Known for her creative and decolonial approach to activism, Cristina is currently freelancing as project manager for Disability Arts Online (UK). She is the founding curator of Counterspace, and founding artist of Totem Taboo (International). She is an artist-in-residence at Design Science Studio, an incubator for revolutionary art by Buckminster Fuller Institute (San Francisco). And she is a freelance writer on decoloniality, cultural activism, and African/diaspora arts & culture, published by media such as the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London); El Mundo (Madrid); Humanities, Arts & Society (Paris); A Beautiful Resistance (Seattle); Inhabit (Global); Ouvrage (Montreal); and Radio Africa (Barcelona) |
    EPHEMERA CONFERENCE - Guest SpeakerEphemera | 2021 – International. Ephemera is an independent peer-reviewed open access online journal founded in 2001 about theory and politics in organising composed of academics from all over the world. Countering the current hegemonisation of social theory, it operates at the margins of organisation studies continuously seeking to question what organisation studies is and what it can become. The journal is supported by individual donors and academic institutions, currently the University Libra
  • DECOLONIAL LAB by COUNTERSPACE - Founding Curator / Critical Pedagogue
    DECOLONIAL LAB by COUNTERSPACE - Founding Curator / Critical PedagogueDecolonial Lab | 2020 – Present. London, UK / International. The monthly Decolonial Lab online by Counterspace is the only non-hierarchical and international grassroots forum experience rooted in Critical Pedagogy holding space for decolonial theory, and most importantly, a collective exploration of the subject plus co-creation of a new paradigm as decolonial practice. That means that although the theoretical body is always similar, the roundtable conversation is always different, which gives th
  • ONYX by DISABILITY ARTS ONLINE - Project Manager
    ONYX by DISABILITY ARTS ONLINE - Project ManagerDisability Arts Online | 2021- Present, UK / International. Disability Arts Online is a UK-based non-profit organisation occupying a unique global position championing the development of disability arts. DAO’s team is a group of expert individuals working together to take action for social justice with a rich history challenging dominant narratives, breaking down barriers to arts engagement from an intersectional disability-led position – also embracing neurodiversity and chronic physical and/or
  • HUMANITIES, ARTS & SOCIETY - Contributing Writer
    HUMANITIES, ARTS & SOCIETY - Contributing WriterHumanities, Arts & Society + Memory of the Future | HAS is a Paris-based organisation by UNESCO-MOST, International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences, Global Chinese Arts and Culture Society and Memory of the Future, which mission is to create a worldwide movement of artists and thinkers demonstrating what is the role and impact of arts on society and universal issues. This essay is published in English and French in a joint project called Open Windows. Edited by Claudia Loughran and Jo
  • A BEAUTIFUL RESISTANCE - Contributing Writer
    A BEAUTIFUL RESISTANCE - Contributing WriterA Beautiful Resistance | A Beautiful Resistance is an American anti-capitalist and pagan organisation running Gods & Radicals Press. Edited by Claudia Loughran, Mirna Wabi-Sabi and Mike Dockins. Publications | ‘Mama’s Blues’-June, 2020. ‘‘The Great Pause’. A Decolonial Approach for Life Beyond Neoliberalism.’ – May, 2020. ‘On Crisis and Meaning. And the Liminal Revolution in-Between.’ – May, 2020.
  • OUVRAGE - Contributing Writer
    OUVRAGE - Contributing WriterOuvrage | Ouvrage is a Canadian publication based in Montreal reviewing revolutionary and autonomous theoretical and practical reflections to resist inertia. This essay is with them published in French. Edited by Etienne Simard and Stephanie Logrado. Publication | ”The Great Pause’. A Decolonial Approach for Life Beyond Neoliberalism.’– June, 2020.
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Projects credited in
  • Black Cultural Archives
    Black Cultural ArchivesI've been a Trustee of BCA for 8 years helping secure over £7.5m to launch the first National Black Heritage Centre in the UK, which opened in 2014.
  • Africa Utopia, Southbank Centre
    Africa Utopia, Southbank CentreArticle originally published here, WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 2017 - 16:59 Prepare to be transported to another continent as Africa Utopia takes over Southbank Centre. Our Senior Curator of Contemporary Culture, Hannah Azieb Pool, introduces you to this year’s festival, which takes place at Southbank Centre on 15-16 July. Welcome to this year’s Africa Utopia festival. Now in it’s fifth year, we are delighted to bring the very best contemporary African and diaspora performance, dance, literature, music
Work history
    Project ManagerDisability Arts Online
    United KingdomFreelance
    Founding CuratorCOUNTERSPACE
    London, United KingdomFreelance
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  • Critical Thinking
  • Concept Development
  • Community Outreach
  • Creative Writing
  • Multilingual
  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Research
    Master in Arts and Culture ManagementOpen University of Catalonia
     - Barcelona, Spain
    Bachelor in Social and Cultural AnthropologyUniversity of Barcelona
     - Barcelona, Spain