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Dan Heighes

EPLondon, United Kingdom
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Dan Heighes

EPLondon, United Kingdom
Projects credited in
  • GfK / Complexity, via simplicity.
    Simple design and intricate data visualisation help convey the dynamics at play in this short video we created for GfK’s Consumer Insights Engine – tracking brands and consumers globally.
  • GfK / If you know
    We’ve been helping consumer data and intelligence giant GfK rethink the way they tell their story. “If you know” is a brand platform idea we developed, based on a simple, insightful premise; that if you know X, then you can do Y. We wrote, designed and produced the brand film below and we are evolving ​“If you know” into a broader, multi-level content-driven campaign, just starting to go to market in multiple regions across the world. gfk.com/ifyouknow
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  • Multi-platform Content
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