Danny Branscombe

Danny Branscombe

IllustratorUnited Kingdom
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Danny Branscombe

Danny Branscombe

IllustratorUnited Kingdom
About me
I am a digital artist, specialising in drawings of people and animals; real, fantastical, autobiographical. Through doing this I am striving to make a connection - between me and the subject; between subject and artwork; between artwork and audience. I seek to create something that cannot exist in any other way, by any other hand. My aim is to transform the subject into something new - to create something, someone, who now exists within the image: something that could not exist without me. I draw almost exclusively on the iPad, allowing a greater level of nuance than traditional media permit, using ever-advancing digital software as a tool to produce multi-faceted, multi-layered, hyper-realistic images. I endeavour to create something visceral, fleshy, oily, tactile; something that becomes more real than the original subject. Combining traditional draftsmanship and digital technology allows me to create artworks that connect with the audience in a uniquely personal and disturbingly confrontational way. I have been a professional artist for over 20 years, working in several studios and experimenting with many different media before pursuing my own practice. Having originally studied Fine Art, to eventually achieving First Class Honours degree in Graphic Design, I have used my unique and varied artistic journey to reach a level of excellence and originality. Drawing on my passion for women’s rights, environmental issues and social justice, I use my art to ‘reach out and preach out’. My art is my voice, and I have a lot to say.
  • Passionately and unapologetically outspoken Moby
    Passionately and unapologetically outspoken MobyPassionately and unapologetically outspoken, often controversial, but a groundbreaking musician and relentless voice for the voiceless - I felt Moby definitely deserved a place in my series of portraits of men speaking out for the planet and all who inhabit it. (This is him young and pre tattoos - I might have to do another version of him as he looks now �)
  • Finally finished ⭐️Peter Dinklage⭐️
    Finally finished ⭐️Peter Dinklage⭐️Finally finished ⭐️Peter Dinklage⭐️ An amazing actor and a pretty amazing person - intelligent, witty and compassionate. I’ve got quite a few more celebrity portraits lined up, so be ready to guess! � Drawn on an Apple iPad using Procreate
  • Portrait of the inimitable and enigmatic Joaquin Phoenix
    Portrait of the inimitable and enigmatic Joaquin PhoenixFinished - Portrait of the inimitable and enigmatic Joaquin Phoenix It was a real challenge to attempt to capture this complex, compassionate man. As with the portrait of Chris Packham, I have tried to portray a momentary sense of calm, a longing for peace. I have drawn on my own troubled mind, and the draining exhaustion of worry at what we see happening to the world around us. Drawn on an Apple iPad using Procreate
  • Chris Packham personal project shared by the man himself!
    Chris Packham personal project shared by the man himself!Latest portrait finished - the absolute ledge that is Chris Packham. This man is a talent, an inspiration and an all round good guy. We need more like him in the world! (DM for commissions/collabs) UPDATE: I can’t believe how this has blown up! What an amazing and humbling response. Chris Packham himself sharing my drawing has made my year - which led a couple of hundred new followers my way on Instagram ;-) If any of you lovely people would like to see more of my artwork then please follow m
  • Fifteen
    FifteenIn a series of hand drawn pencil portraits of fifteen year old girls from across Thanet, Danny Branscombe attempts to convey the complex aspects of this vulnerable age. Caught between childhood and adulthood, the challenge was to capture both their experience and innocence in one black and white image. Even within this small island of Thanet, the experiences of each fifteen year old are vastly different, individually moulding each child and setting them on their unique path to adulthood. The
  • Portraits
    PortraitsThese were individual personal projects in which I drew people that have inspired me in some way.
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Projects credited in
  • Ozric Tentacles - Travelling the Great Circle (8 disc hardback book set)
    Ozric Tentacles - Travelling the Great Circle (8 disc hardback book set)The latest in the Ozric Tentacles book sets I have designed is the 80 page, 8 disc ‘Travelling the Great Circle’ written by Dominic Blake. I’m so pleased with this package, it’s been absolute pleasure to work on and looks great, I'm really happy with the printed outcome! This set brings together the first four full albums - Pungent Effulgent, Erpland, Strangeitude and Jurassic Shift, a demos and rarities disc, the live Underslunky release, as well as the 1991 filmed concert from the Fridge in B
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