david ian bickley

electronic arts www.davidianbickley.comCork, Ireland
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david ian bickley

electronic arts www.davidianbickley.comCork, Ireland
About me
Born in Manchester in the 1960's, David Ian Bickley is an award-winning artist, filmmaker and musician with more than 30 years experience working in the fields of the creative arts and media production. As a producer and director for film and television he was the winner of the BBC Short Film Award; first prize for video at the Sony Film Festival; winner of best documentary / best director at the Fastnet Film Festival and has been the recipient of two film project awards from the Arts Council of Ireland. He has worked extensively as an independent producer and for the Irish state broadcaster RTÉ as a producer and director in a wide range of genres from studio to magazine and documentary and was a senior producer with RTÉ Cork for six years. Specialising in arts, music and historical travelogue notable credits include The Man Who Shot Beckett which spearheaded the Beckett 100 season in Ireland, major series Out of the Blue and Tracks and Trails and the four-part international music series The Celtic Songlines presented by Dónal Lunny among many others. As an film artist he has exhibited his work alongside major artists including Tracey Emin, Mat Collishaw and Ron Arad. His work has been shown at numerous film and art festivals around the world including at the Gallery of City Museum of Aveiro, Portugal; Haun Tie Art Museum, Beijing, China; Common Ground, International Touring Exhibition; Lewis Art Gallery, Millsaps, Jackson Mississippi; Centre for Creative Practices, Dublin; Crawford Municipal Gallery, Cork; The Big Chill Festival, Eastnor, England. As a musician and composer his work has garnered critical praise and he is perhaps best-known as the creative force behind the groundbreaking group Hyper[borea] which pioneered the fusion of Celtic music with dance idioms in the 1990s winning Dance Act and Album of the Year at the Hot Press Heineken Awards. He has collaborated with many musical artists throughout his career including Maire Breatnac, Hans Joachim Roedelius, Fergus O'Farrell, James O'leary, Tom Green and Dare Mason. David Bickley is also an experienced lecturer and educator in film and media production having taught at Griffith College and St John's College, Cork. He lives in West Cork, Ireland.
  • The Invisible HouseThe invisible house cannot be seen, but it is not hidden. Through tiny, obscure facets of the mind prism — That same prism that comes in two parts, and that Escher knew, As did the German priest who wrote him of it. From an island in a Lake in the rain, And through midnight lauda-numbed talk of galvanism And of statues that lay asleep, deep in the marble coffin blocks of Canova. Or at Lissadell, again in rain, North western, cold and dark, with the golden flames, pushing, push-pushing against
  • THREADSis officially selected in the PICASSO EINSTEIN BUDDHA International Film Festival 2020.
  • The Man Who Shot BeckettDelighted that my documentary on West Cork photographer John Minihan has been selected for this fine festival!
  • Noumenoninspired by the Aisling Dream Vision described in the story of Cain Adonmain, a contemporary diorama with atmospheric digital work augmented by an immersive ambient soundtrack takes the form of vaporous spirits intertwining and flowing around the building in a sequence that creates a narrative of earthbound people interacting with ethereal beings for the evolution of mankind.
  • Stormtree Recordsnew instagram for my record label — lots of cool music (new, old and timeless) with Spotify links
  • Noumenon​@ birr vintage arts festival — part of a projection on St Brendans church
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Projects credited in
  • David BickleyHe asked what she was doing up here, then he couldn’t remember how he got there. She had been with the diplomat, had asked him for a soda, he had gone to get it, the door of the kitchen had sprung back and the lights had gone out, not the power, but as if the light had turned black. Then he was here, where the Marquis lived, she stepped out of nowhere; “hello Jack, are you lost?”. She led him like a child back to the party. The Spanish doctor was called, and the girl just danced about, showing o
  • David BickleyThe path is not a journey, it is a conduit, you are not travelling on it, it is travelling to you. I walk for you, to keep - by dint of tread - alive this thread, that runs like a river gently through this land of mind. But I never thought of that stray sod, that land that is not home, it is like a shot that bursts upon this world, and I am transported deep beyond my mind. I am surely being taken to the river, its deep unfolding path to the sea, and I can smell the spray, miles away.
  • David BickleyThe voice was still there, muffled softly at the back of his mind; “three aces Frank, just three aces and then we’ll tell you where she’s buried”. It had taken him hours to figure out the riddle left stuck on the fridge; where the fair was and which booth to hit. In any case, he hadn’t seen it straightaway, what with ringing around and searching the entire farm, and now it could be too late. He’d given up the whole horde to save someone he hardly knew, honour above all, a team was a team, but ha
  • David BickleyThe circus is a guidebook, a diary of years, every year. Layered texture and smell lead an ever-climbing mind, far beyond fear, pleasure and laughter to a plateau of hope and desire. Like an exhumation of what had once been a small child - a bright hot fist in a cool palm or a Kodachrome green-velvet-glove. Now this, me the hand, and you the fist; small, pulsing with fear and pleasure, and eyes rising up to a trusting future, and beyond to the majesty of all that climbs through hoops of experien
  • The call for 2020 is now open!!!The call for 2020 is now open!!! Feel free to explore our new theme and we are looking forward to your ideas and projects! For more info https://www.dropbox.com/s/dgksd4o8tqc8di3/Open%20call.pdf… Visit our official fb page https://www.facebook.com/eyeswalk/ Follow us on Instagram eyeswalk_festival
  • Showreel
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Work history
    Media LecturerSt John's College
    Cork, IrelandFull Time
    Responsible for teaching the principals of sound and the implementation of these in a location and studio environment. Teaching soundtrack composition, multitracking and audio editing, including synch to picture.
    Producer / Director / EditorAlchemy Electronic Arts
    Cork, IrelandFreelance
    Responsible for originating, developing and producing independent television programmes for Ireland’s state broadcaster RTÉ. Regularly liaising with the IPU team and the current affairs dept to ensure the best creative solutions are realised, implemented and delivered. Productions include the iconic, “The Man Who Shot Beckett” (which spearheaded the Beckett 100 season in Ireland) and Celtic Songlines with Dónal Lunny
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  • Video Editing
  • Video Art
  • Electronic Music
  • Television Production
  • Documentaries
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Logic Pro
  • Ableton 9
  • Directing
  • Producing
    FinalistRome Independent Prisma Awards
    1st Prize, Educational — Media Awardo2
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