Dee Sohi

Dee Sohi

Content Creator | Copywriter | Brand & Social MediaLondon, United Kingdom
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Dee Sohi

Dee Sohi

Content Creator | Copywriter | Brand & Social MediaLondon, United Kingdom
About me
When you're truly passionate about something, it doesn't feel like work. I find satisfaction in writing - anything! I've written and self-published one book (and hopefully more in the future), and I've penned think-pieces and motivational articles, TV and film analyses, as well as book reviews. With a knack for understanding people's needs instantly, I can devise copy that will convince consumers they absolutely must have your product/service. The drilling of the Writing Triplet 'Argue, Persuade, Advise' at school is to blame for this. I despise the phrase 'Jack-of-all-trades, master of none.' There's no shame in having multiple goals and skills - why not conquer them all?
  • British War Veterans for Your Attention
    British War Veterans for Your AttentionThe final part of They Did I Can Too's Identity Series. Noor Inayat Khan, Ulric Cross, Lilian Bader, Bal Bahadur and Walter Tull could inspire current British citizens - from the same background and beyond. Why are they absent from the curriculum and what impact does this have on our celebration of historical heroes?
  • Pragmatic Idealism: The Practical Way to Pursue a Creative Life
    Pragmatic Idealism: The Practical Way to Pursue a Creative LifeWith the current pandemic exacerbating economic uncertainty, the pressure to pursue financially-secure paths is rising. However, the world needs creative professionals as well, but how do you ensure security in these fields?
  • Reasons to Hate Writing
    Reasons to Hate WritingFollowing my love letter to writing in 'Reasons to Love Writing', I now present its follow up: Reasons to Hate Writing. I hear gasps. Is that even possible? Well, if you're serious about writing, the likelihood of you raging at the word is strong.
  • Reasons to Love Writing
    Reasons to Love WritingHere are reasons to love writing, to remind yourself if the Writing Gremlin starts giving you problems. Or maybe the Writing Gremlin has already turned up at your door and is outstaying their welcome. It happens. Either way, you're on the write page. *bashes drums*
  • Sophia by Anita Anand (Book Review)
    Sophia by Anita Anand (Book Review)Anita Anand’s biography of Princess Sophia Duleep Singh, daughter of the last Maharaja of the Sikh empire, satisfies the vacuum of interest surrounding a woman who falls under many banners. Princess. Imperial Subject. Suffragette. Woman of Colour in the age of empire. Queen Victoria’s charge. Rebel.
  • Rooting Out the Deus in DEVS
    Rooting Out the Deus in DEVSEx Machina warned of the same pursuit of [playing God] and usurping the power of nature. Annihilation flung us into dread with its preoccupation with the uncanny; nature’s mysterious hands working to haunt us in unthinkable shapes and forms. As DEVS is, like Ex Machina, created in the mind of Garland, it continues to probe the issue of human desire for omnipotence. For society’s adulation towards greats such as Aristotle and Newton.
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  • How do We Define Speculative Fiction?
    How do We Define Speculative Fiction?What is Speculative Fiction? The umbrella term, or category, encompassing fantasy, sci-fi, horror, dystopian/thriller and alternative history. These genres are linked together because they all take possibilities and investigate them – even the implausible ones.
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