Denise Senneca

Denise Senneca

Photographer, Videographer, Content CreatorLondon, United Kingdom
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Denise Senneca

Denise Senneca

Photographer, Videographer, Content CreatorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Denise Senneca is a Fine Art Photographer with an emphasis on artistic portraits. She studied art in high school with a program in Art and Cultural Heritage, Italy and later graduated from Rome with a degree in Fine Arts and Photography. With several years of experience in the gallery and retail industry, she has perfected her desire to create a common space for creatives who share the same ideas. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Denise has always strived to find a way to reach out to her community and support charities and her artistic colleagues. Her determined attitude and desire to push herself out of her comfort zone led Denise to open and successfully run her own pop-up store and to enter and assist in the curation of her work throughout Europe. In addition, she has a full-time job in the photography industry, while successfully running her own independent business. Denise has managed to work with names such as TATE, Fabric, Eleutheria Foundation, Inside Art Magazine and many more. This made her an expert in handling medium format cameras and professional equipment. As an artist for the past 10 years, Denise has been able to lead private photography classes and work for FUJIFILM UK.
  • Embryo
    Embryoembryo /ˈɛmbrɪəʊ/ noun plural noun: embryos 1. 1. 
an unborn or unhatched offspring in the process of development, in particular a human offspring during the period from approximately the second to the eighth week after fertilization (after which it is usually termed a fetus).
 2. 2. 
a thing at a rudimentary stage that shows potential for development."a simple commodity economy is merely the embryo of a capitalist economy" Copyright © Denise Senneca. All rights reserved
  • Red Rainbow
    Red RainbowThe first colour that babies can perceive when they looking at the rainbow is red.
  • Be Outside the Frame
    Be Outside the FrameBe Outside the Frame is a project that was not born on International Women's Day, but for me it has a very close meaning to this day. Very often we are told that we are not doing something right. Sometimes we are too much, sometimes we are not enough. We are never the perfect picture in the frame. Too tall for that frame, too short, too long, those pictures never fit. Those images are never right. So I wish all women and all people to always feel in their place, to always feel good about the
  • I Was Born Already Old
    I Was Born Already OldI decided to use a sequence of images to describe my home town, Maddaloni. It is located in the province of Caserta and here time has stopped; we find many older people and really ancient vehicles, doorways that belong to the past and streets that have never been changed. In short, Maddaloni is known as an old town but with a special atmosphere. It has definitely touched my soul.
  • Threads
    ThreadsIn this image, the threads represent the threads of life. I like to imagine that the protagonist is guiding her own life through these threads.
  • Recording Flowers
    Recording Flowers
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Projects credited in
  • Colorful forest
    Colorful forestVideo for creative light show Skopje filming with sonyapha7||| Creative light show nice for filming at night
  • Ourhistory, Fabric and Logic Present: CLUB CULTURE
    Ourhistory, Fabric and Logic Present: CLUB CULTUREWarm Street were commissioned to ideate, promote and produce an exhibition to document and spark discussion around club culture. Alongside our friends at fabric, we decided to involve curated photography from the archives of Ernesto Leal (of Red Gallery) & take over the cavernous spaces of Rooms 1, 2 + 3 for an exhibition on global club culture. Working with fabric, OurHistory (Red Gallery) and Logic Vapes, the exhibition was a celebration of international clubbing communities and the spaces w
  • Want to exhibit your work at the upcoming Club Culture exhibition at fabric?
    Want to exhibit your work at the upcoming Club Culture exhibition at fabric?We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Ourhistory, Fabric and Logic Vapes on CLUB CULTURE, an exhibition highlighting the unbound cultural value of club culture at a global level. Taking over Fabric's cavernous spaces of Rooms 1,2 and 3, we're transporting the work of Ernesto Leal, esteemed Curator of Red Gallery, into a one-night-only exhibition. Logic Vapes are excited to support club culture: they will be showcasing & celebrating the amazing creative output of the club scene - a space whi
  • Sony World Photography Awards
    Sony World Photography AwardsThe Sony World Photography Awards (SWPA) take place every year over 3 days in central London. Sony staff, photographers, press and retailers are flown in from all over the world for a filled agenda, finishing with a gala dinner at Hilton Park Lane. For SWPA 2016, I was a logistics co-ordinator for the Press. Hotel, restaurant, supplier and client liaison were included in some of my responsibilites, as well as transfer management, and co-managing the photography shoot at Somerset House alongside
  • Sony World Photography Awards
    Sony World Photography AwardsCrown have been responsible for Sony’s activation of the Sony World Photography Awards (SWPA) since its inception in 2007. The Awards is a pivotal event for Sony, a premier platform to showcase the brand’s photography credentials in support of the World Photography Organisation (WPO) and their objectives. Promoting the world of photography from a diverse, artistic pool of amateurs and professionals, SWPA has become the world’s largest photography competition, recognising emerging talent from ac
Work history
    Team Leader, Photographer, Brand AmbassadorFujifilm
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    At the moment I am improving my knowledge about photography by working on the content of the House of Photography by Fujifilm based in Covent Garden, London. During the year I created content aligned with seasonal updates and creative direction. Here I’m also a photographer representative for the company. Through the year I have managed and prepared several workshops with a good understanding and use of digital cameras and studio lighting and equipment. In 2022 I have achieved a managerial role as a Team Leader.
    PhotographerZari Gallery
    73 Newman St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3EJ, UKFull Time
    Photographer, photo editing, video, video editing.
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  • Content Creator
    BA DegreeRUFA - Rome University of Fine Arts
     - Via Benaco, 2, 00199 Roma RM, Italy
    BA Degree programme in Photography, GPA: 110 cum laude • Core subjects: Phenomenology of contemporary arts 30 with honours, Advertising communication 30 with honours, Mass media theory and methods 30 with honours, Art history 30/30, Theory of perception and psychology of form 30/30 • Final dissertation: ‘Oversight points: looks through the contemporary’ Project: performance and video installation. Title: ‘The act of destruction’