Ourhistory, Fabric and Logic Present: CLUB CULTURE

  • Allison McCafferty
  • Denise Senneca
  • Joseph Tague
  • Bixanne Tam
  • Sophie Marschner
  • Joseph Hayes
  • Glauco Canalis
  • Sean Keating
  • Giovanni La Marca
  • Robin Shaw
  • Martha Norman
  • Theo Gentilli

Warm Street were commissioned to ideate, promote and produce an exhibition to document and spark discussion around club culture. Alongside our friends at fabric, we decided to involve curated photography from the archives of Ernesto Leal (of Red Gallery) & take over the cavernous spaces of Rooms 1, 2 + 3 for an exhibition on global club culture. Working with fabric, OurHistory (Red Gallery) and Logic Vapes, the exhibition was a celebration of international clubbing communities and the spaces which celebrate and promote the dancefloor as a place of expression, freedom, and creative union. The result: A one-night-only event held at fabric in it's 20th year, adorning fabric's walls with vibrant photographs from various international club scenes. Scenes included: Berlin Techno : Tresor and After the Wall archive Milan’s Italo Disco : Spaghetti Disco Archive La Movida Madrileña : Madrid’s Club Culture 1978-1985 Soviet Hippies : 1970s Estonian Psychedelic Underground Culture French Touch : A journey through French Electronica Tokyo Punks : Up ! Tokyo Punk & Japanarchy Today USA Rave Culture : Tree Carr personal archive 1990-1994 UK Club Culture : Creativity, Freedom, Passion, Politics and Subculture We partnered with creative network The Dots to promote the exhibition and invited their community to submit artwork to be featured as part of the next-gen of London club scene’s creative talent. Warm Street designed tote bags emblazoned with the Club Culture branding that created a legacy beyond the event itself, bespoke zines (capturing The Dot's community's submissions as well as information about the partners), and a video graphic showreel of moving artist content on fabric's mezzanine floor. With 1000 people through the door, features by Resident Advisor, TimeOut, ItsNiceThat, MixMag, DJ Mag, Soho Radio, Ninja Tune, The Vinyl Factory and London on The Inside alongside 350+ photographs, 600 zines, 500 totes, and a guest list that was 3 times oversubscribed, the exhibition was madness!