Edmund Brown

Edmund Brown

3D GeneralistLondon, United Kingdom
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Edmund Brown

Edmund Brown

3D GeneralistLondon, United Kingdom
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I've been freelance for, well, ever - since 2007 - so instead of listing the few places I've worked more than a few months, I'd prefer to list notable freelance gigs that hint at my pedigree. I studied film, but switched to digital arts in my second year so I could make stoner hip-hop videos in emulation of my then-hero Gondry. This all helped when I dropped out of art school and got a job at Shroom, a boutique animation studio in Hackney at the height of the Nathan Barley epoch. Once they'd trained me in After Effects and 3D they booted me into the real world of freelance, and that's when I ran away to Berlin and learnt Cinema 4D. I came back to London every time I ran out of money, working on TVCs for Ministry of Sound and HSBC amongst others. To this day I work in broadcast and advertising being a 3D smartarse, using C4D/Octane/Arnold and learning all kinds of stuff I'll never get paid to do. I'm mostly in London or Berlin, or being a nomad elsewhere, so use the contact form to hunt me down.
  • Paradontax - Lifesaver Toothbrush
    Paradontax - Lifesaver Toothbrush Grey London and Hogarth were producing a case study for entry into the Cannes Lions competition on behalf of their client, GSK. I was brought into the project at a very late stage; the filming and motion design and a rough edit had already been produced, as had a 3D-printed concept model of the product; a toothbrush that contained a rapid-results blood test encased in the handle. This is a real global health initiative, and as such we wanted to get as close to the real thing as Cinema 4D’s nat
  • SNAKEHIPS Tour Visuals
    SNAKEHIPS Tour Visuals So, by a wave of the hand of the goddess of Freelance, I got the opportunity to produce a raft of tour visuals for London-based, globally-renowned dance duo SNAKEHIPS. Over a month of production time (and plenty pitching and look development before that) I wore many hats, working alone to produce the sequences for the 2016 world tour, which kicked off in London's Koko.
  • Senior Motion Designer
  • Art Direction
  • Cinema 4D
  • Motion Graphics
  • Motion Design
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Illustrator
  • Maya
  • Music Videos
  • Animation