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Ehimetalor 'Metty' Unuabona

Graphic Designer & PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
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Ehimetalor 'Metty' Unuabona

Graphic Designer & PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hey! I am Ehimetalor Unuabona but I’m better known as Metty. I'm a Graphic Designer, Photographer & Video Editor who works on creating Social/360 Campaigns and In House Content. Endlessly expanding my skill set, absorb new ideas and concepts to produce content that brings a smile to people. Secondary to this, I aim to be a supportive element to the people around through my skills, knowledge, and personality - encouraging people to flourish and to be honest.
  • Iranian/Indian/Hong Konger protest against the CCP • July 2020Selects from... well the best way I can put it is, Iranian/Indian/Hong Konger protest against the CCP. Small crowd but each voice contained the fury thousands behind them
  • Anti-Mask / COVID / Pro-Trump Protest • July 2020Had a quick venture with the Anti-Mask / COVID / Pro-Trump? Protest on Sunday - interesting bunch but I shall allow you to make it of what you will and yes, that’s a G string on her face.
  • All Black Lives Matter Hyde Park to Vauxhall • July 2020The Weekly ABLM march across London, good to see some faces that I haven't seen in a while here.
  • BLMUK Oxford Circus/Piccadilly Flash Mob & Protest • July 2020The Energy, The Anger, The Consistency continues. Watching people enjoy themselves while making a point and inconveniencing the center of London needs to keep happening and I want to see more of it as the months go.
  • From Candy to F*** Boris Real Quick Selects • July 2020Started and ended as a simple march - the energy was already high. So what better way to have some fun than dancing to, Candy by Cameo. Straight after that, a VERY HARD 180 happened and they went straight to Downing Street with no remorse!
  • Super Saturday in Soho PT.2 • July 2020... people don’t care, simple as that. Felt as if the last four months meant jack and went over their heads; It also reminded me of the extremely unhealthy, abusive and self-inflicting relationship the UK has with alcohol. Thrown drinks, arrests, scuffles/domestics, and roads covered with glass. In short, disappointed & conflicted
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  • Hypit iOS & Android App
Work history
    Lead Branded Content Designer & In-House PhotographerAGORA
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Freelance Graphic DesignerWarner Music Group
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
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  • Adobe Create Suite
  • 360 Campaigns
    Graphic Design and IllustrationDe Montfort University
     - Leicester, United Kingdom
    Graphic DesignNewham Sixth Form College (NewVIc)
     - London, United Kingdom
    Graphic Design, Music Performance and Interactive Media
    De Montfort Student Union Personality Of The YearDe Montfort Students’ Union
    This award is given to a member or committee member of any society who constantly made an impression to the entirety of the DSU and De Montfort University to make their society to be the best it can be.
    De Montfort Student Union Promoters of the YearDe Montfort Students’ Union
    This award is given to the society that had a strong promotional presence throughout the entire year both digitally with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, and analog formats like posters. While this award was given to the entire society, It was directly honored to Ehimetalor Unuabona, due to being the sole designer and promoter for the society.