Évelin Maier, RCA MA

Évelin Maier, RCA MA

Creative Director, Electronic Music, Art & ScienceLondon, United Kingdom
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Évelin Maier, RCA MA

Évelin Maier, RCA MA

Creative Director, Electronic Music, Art & ScienceLondon, United Kingdom
About me
The Q Space - An Art+Tech Studio portraying the fabric of humanity at the right time and space; Innovative Creative Art Installation’s at its best. Interaction Design Art emphasises the research and investigation of social psychology via Cineaste d'art film digitally or architecturally projected. The creative consultancy strategically advises the future-facing outlook and translates it into explorative experiences. We create new spaces for social development and encounter by enabling a global and culturally diverse community. ✛ Human Science, Social Psychology, Human Rights ✛ Prototyping, Sound art, Modern Museum Installation ✛ Interaction Design Art, Artistic Moving Image ​ A new world is emerging, endorsing new ideas, spaces, approaches, ecologies, and economies. Unique neurodiversity entrusts transparent communication promoting ethics, vision, integrity and skill. ​ ​​​​​​​ÉVELIN MAIER​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Creative Director, Founder THE QARAH SPACE e.U.
    FASHION, A DECADEMilan, Paris, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London…a decade to remember! Fashion brands worked with from YSL, Tata Naka, Aimee McWilliams campaign, Obi Asahi Kimonos, Mathew Williamson, Jimmi Choo, Topshop, Miss Selfridges campaign, Kenzo, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Vivienne Westwood, Obi Asahi Kimono, Leslie Vik Waddell, Celine, V V Rouleaux, Erickson Beamon, Anna Trebinski, Rachael Skinner, Richard Stow, Linda Wrigglesworth, Julia Clancey, Stephen Jones, Anya Hindmarch of Boyd, Amanda Wakeley, Russel Sa
  • The Forensic Research of Cognitive Neuroscience and Social Psychology
    The Forensic Research of Cognitive Neuroscience and Social PsychologyProjection & Sound installation, RCA Exhibition, London The human brain is, in principle, a prediction machine. I am a London-based transdisciplinary artist, sound and filmmaker, researching cognitive neuroscience of our perception, thought, reason, will, and act - to visualise the unseen. Post an eight-hour awake astrocytoma neurosurgery experiencing effects close by the speech centre, brain science became the insight into neurone, how they operate, communicate and form complex neuronal archite
  • Pavillion of Inner Peace - Music, Mind, Textile
    Pavillion of Inner Peace - Music, Mind, TextileProject Curation & Artistic Designer -> Amelia Peng MA Textiles, RCA 2023 Sensory Threads: A Collaborative Music Mind-Textile Immersive Experience In collaboration with incredible Amelia Peng, she created and curated an art installation with live musical performance through “Music-Mind-Textile” Project Summery The Music-Mind-Textile project represents a groundbreaking fusion of artistry, technology, and mindfulness, captivating audiences at prestigious events such as the London Design Bienna
    TATE MODERN LATESEminently delighted to share that my 3-minute and 31sec film, "Transparent Enigma," will be premiering at the Tate Modern Lates event as a part of the RCA CAP Beyond Surface – Tactile Presence. Inspired by the artist Maria Bartuszová, hapticity and tactility in a one-stop motion film correlate to the current social politics activated in Neurographic art. You are warmly invited to join us this evening at Tate Modern Lates from 6pm-9.30pm when CAP artists will be presenting, performing, scre
  • Production & Hosting RCA CAP Radio Show on Montez Press
    Production & Hosting RCA CAP Radio Show on Montez PressHosting an RCA Montez Press Radio Show, together with Daisy Jones 2pm-5pm (BST) Tuesday, 28 March https://radio.montezpress.com/#/show/2923 Listen into an extract on www.theQspace.at/publishing Come and listen to the unique endeavours, uncovering and unleashing audio realms of emotions, echos, stories, electronic beats and mathematical constructions Beyond Horizon. The aural branch of Beyond Surface: the RCA CAP Festival of 2023, where contemporary artists from around the globe share their sto
  • The Sound Telescope _Sciene Museum Lates 2020
    The Sound Telescope _Sciene Museum Lates 2020EXHIBIT​​​​​​​ SCIENCE CITY 1550-800, THE LINBURY GALLERY Music: Mauro Arrighi (2018), Tokyo Calling In spring 2020 an invitation was extended to exhibit at the London Science Museum Lates. Newton's telescope sparked a mathematical connection to sound mirrors on the south coast of England. The Sound Telescope birthed out of this research to listen into the distance wittingly and playful. Enjoy. Creative Team: Eveline Maier -> Art
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Projects credited in
  • Women+ In Leadership
    Women+ In LeadershipJoin us on 12 November 2019 for a free evening of talks and networking to address the under representation of women in the creative sector. Less than 33% of the managers in the cultural industries are women. We want to inspire and empower women+ to break through the glass ceiling and take up the leadership roles that they are equipped to do. Our line-up of inspiring speakers will challenge the current discrimination and celebrate the success of women in leadership roles. The following speakers
  • The Qarah Space - Portfolio
    The Qarah Space - Portfoliowww.theqspace.at
Work history
    Creative Director, Electronic Music, Art & ScienceTHE Q
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    An outstanding professional as an interdisciplinary creative director and artist, Evelin's international career began in fashion, editorial direction and global economy (board level, corporate law). Graduating from the Royal College of Art with an RCA MA in Contemporary Art Practice in 2023, Evelin diverted two decades of professional discourse into a thriving critical art practice. Exhibits in places like the Tate Modern, Science Museum and Somerset House amplify accordingly while hosting and producing an outstanding Montez Press Radio- show in March 2023. Later, she drew intricate people to her final exhibition at the RCA. Seeking a highly motivating environment with great mentors & team, critical research methods, and ongoing advancement continue. My art practice thrives in a critical environment, emphasising experimentation and uniting theory and practice for innovative responses to contemporary issues. Over two years, I crafted 'The Forensic Research of Cognitive Neurosciences & Social Psychology', surpassing expectations by combining electronic music and steel sculpture. I explored society's interaction with internal and external elements that elevated humanity's story. Please see further details on either websites: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eveline-maier2018/ https://www.theqspace.at/ Very Best Evelin Maier
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  • Interactive Design
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    MARoyal College of Art
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    Contemporary Art Practice (CAP) at the Royal College of Art is a cutting-edge MA programme in the School of Arts & Humanities that is driven by a post-medium, critical approach to the making and reception of art, where theory and practice come together to form new ways of responding to the contemporary world. The programme supports the development of your art practice within a responsive, dialogical and critical context with an emphasis on wider political issues – interrogating art production in relation to urgent socio-political contexts as well as questioning and redefining practice. CAP supports ambitious, exploratory and research-driven artists, with programme specialisms in: critical, speculative and social art practices, moving image, performance, writing and technoaesthetics. Our approach to Contemporary Art Practice is not determined by either technology or material, and CAP students create work using any media possible: from images, installations and moving image works, to publications and sonic art, participatory events, 3D modelling and VR, writing and performance. The programme offers a flexible environment that supports collective and peer-led learning.
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    Bachelor of Arts (BA) University of The Arts London (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom
    Graduation Upper 2.1
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    RFSA Final Year AwardRoyal Female School of Art Foundation
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