The Forensic Research of Cognitive Neuroscience and Social Psychology

  • Évelin Maier

Projection & Sound installation, RCA Exhibition, London The human brain is, in principle, a prediction machine. I am a London-based transdisciplinary artist, sound and filmmaker, researching cognitive neuroscience of our perception, thought, reason, will, and act - to visualise the unseen. Ten years ago, having had a significant eight-hour awake astrocytoma neurosurgery and experiencing post-effects close by the speech centre, brain science became the insight into neurone, how they operate, communicate and form complex neuronal architectures that comprise the human brain and cognitive thinking and perception of speech & recovery. Cognitive science uses the methods of cognitive psychology, such as thought and language and bridges these two domains. This research on society's interaction and effect observes outer and inner elements via Magnetic Resonance Images submersed in contrast fluids, presenting metaphorically the emotional layers Évelin Maier, a multifaceted artist, researching society's interaction with outer and inner elements. Immersed in music, sound and spoken word, she elevates the ongoing story of the fabric of humanity, encompassing cutting-edge cognition and autographing installations projecting visuals engaged in the phenomenological musicology onto architecture - the interdisciplinary intersection between art, design, science and technology. The investigation delves into the intricate interplay between individuals and the effects of boundary issues. The interwoven collaboration between the MRI film and abstract music investigates and delves into the complex interplay between individuals and the impact of social relations. Profoundly impactful, sound noise echoes, and electronic constructions are the social-emotional realm of humanity, unseen. The human heart becomes the emotional mirror of a neuroscience projection, enabling a forest of neurones and a metaphorical analogy of social psychology infused via high-contrast neon colours. FORENSIC FOREST FILM. 2023. Vimeo. or TheOSpace An abstract of 1.31 min of original Neuroscience's Film: 8:15min. Installation in Collaboration: Many thanks to the supreme San Francisco & London artist , Makiko Harris (RCA CAP Alumni), for producing the brilliant round steel-sculpture. With her permission the steel rods shortened from three meters to sixty centimetres - emerging an abstract magnetic resonance machine. With many thanks to the musicians of the Crosswhen music album, who permitted the usage of the song Yearning, which perfectly suits the MRI studio machinery and usage. Crosswhen is an experimental electronic music and audio//visual project based in London, UK. Abstract Collaboration Contemporary Forensics Human-heart MRI Neuroscience Projection Rca2023 Research Social-psychology Sound-art References Alfred, Brian, and Why I. Make Art. 2022. Contemporary Artists' Stories about Life & Work (Los Angeles, USA: Atelier Éditions) Ahmed, Sara. 2014. The Cultural Politics of Emotion (Routledge) Barrett. Lisa. 2018. How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain (London: PAN Books) Berger, John. 1972. Ways of Seeing (London, England: BBC Books) Crisp, Richard J. 2015. Social Psychology: A Very Short Introduction (London: Oxford University Press) "Foster + Partners and Royal College of Art Collaborate for London Design Biennale." [n.d.]. Dunn, Greg. 2014. "Brainbow Hippocampus," GREG DUNN NEURO ART [accessed 3 July 2023] Gardner, Thomas, and Salomé Vogelin. 2016. "Colloquium: Sound Art and Music," Colloquium: Sound Art and Music Hooks, Bell. 1994. Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom (London, England: Routledge) Kakinoki, Masato. 2017. "The Development of an Audio- Visual Language for Digital Music Performanceby" (Canterbury Christ Church University: Cambridge) Layton, Sofie, and Giovanni Biglino. 2018. The Heart of the Matter Exhibition Catalogue (London, England: GOSH Arts) Le Bon, Gustave. 1977. Le Bon Gustave: Crowd (Harlow: Penguin Books) Maier, Eveline. 2020. "How Does Social Gender Inequality Affect Women in Electronic Sound Art and Potentialities to Foster Equality" (London: UAL) Miller, Alice. 1999. The Drama of Being a Child: The Search for the True Self (London: Virago Press) Oliveros, Pauline. 2015. "The Difference between Hearing and Listening" Passingham, R. E. 2016. Cognitive Neuroscience: A Very Short Introduction, Very Short Introductions, 489, First Edition (Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press), cdixxxix Peng, Amelia. 2023. Inner Peace, Music-Mind- Textile (Somerset House, London Design Biennale) RCA. 2023. "Amelia Peng's Immersive Textile Installation Explores Mindfulness and Inner Peace at Somerset House," Royal College of Art Rippon, Gina. 2020. The Gendered Brain: The New Neuroscience That Shatters the Myth of the Female Brain (London: Vintage) Walby, Sylvia. 2013. The Future of Feminism, 1st edn (Oxford: Polity Press)