flavia felipe

flavia felipe

Graphic Artist/Designer/Illustrator/AnimatorLondon, United Kingdom
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flavia felipe

flavia felipe

Graphic Artist/Designer/Illustrator/AnimatorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am an accomplished Creative Worker with Graphic Designer, illustrator and animator skills and several years of experience abroad. I have knowledge and expertise in design, illustration, storyboards, digital software packages, art and also assorted hand crafted techniques. I have good interpersonal skills and enjoy working with people and as a part of a team. I am punctual and reliable, and enjoy learning new things every day. My ambition is to find a suitable permanent or freelance employment in the UK.
    LOVE IS THE BRIDGE BETWEEN YOU AND EVERYTHINGMURAL ART DESIGN My awarded submission for Art in The Arches. Art in the Arches Curated by Moniker Culture @monikerartfair @tinaziegler for Vauxhall One @vauxhallone Photographer: Louis Thornton @louisfilm
  • Collaged Typography
    Collaged TypographyI am creating some kind of illustrative/narrative through the creation of some collaged types. I took some classic types and recreate them using collage. There is meant to have some storytelling in each one of the types.
  • LDN - The Next Bus Stop is Closed -
    LDN - The Next Bus Stop is Closed -PRINT Digital collage Up to A0 size Available on demand Prices from $75 to $150
  • Digital Collages
    Digital CollagesIf you need some cool collage done, get in touch!
  • Mamae Natureza
    Mamae NaturezaA serie of digital collages for an art exhibition in Berlin/Germany Mixing up collage, drawing and graphic elements I created this small series of 3 prints. Some, should probably be turned into simple animations soon. London/2021
  • Collage illustration for editorial
    Collage illustration for editorialA couple of illustrations I made to accompanied an article about the Greyhound dog which is an Italian breed. AU AU! BAU BAU! Woof Woof!
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Projects credited in
  • EMÍ
    EMÍCreated for my FMP. EMÍ is a magazine centering the experiences of first and second-generation immigrants in the UK and their relationship to 'British-ness). cover created by: chizitalu uwechia
  • Polarities
    PolaritiesPOLARITIES is a insights bookazine aiming to deconstruct social, political, economical, environmental, technological and legislative modern polarities through the opinion of insiders, supported by facts and statistics, provoking the reader to the undecidability or to find out their own middle term. ​
  • The Bower Monologues- Issue 002
    The Bower Monologues- Issue 002This issue pays homage to the female creatives that have commanded the concepts of both escape and retreat particularly over the last year, into artistically driven and highly receptive practices. From walking book clubs to witchcraft, the writers and artists of this issue have striven to spark intrigue and open the door to a world as seen by her. The Bower Monologues is a publication that explores the history and future of arts, culture and literature through the female psyche. It presents con
Work history
    Freelance graphic artist in the UKSelf Employed
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Since I moved to the UK I’ve been working as a freelance artist. I have worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and animator for a range of independent and also established clients. Some of the people I worked with are musicians, small brands and self publishing book writers. I also worked with The Stylist, The Teen Vogue among others.
  • Visual Arts
  • Print Design
  • Design
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • 2D Animation
  • Publication Design
  • Publication
  • Animated Gif
  • Flyer Design
  • Books Layout
  • Book Illustrations
  • Photoshhop
  • Logo and Visual Identity
  • Poster Design Artwork