• Ana Bender
  • flavia felipe

POLARITIES is a insights bookazine aiming to deconstruct social, political, economical, environmental, technological and legislative modern polarities through the opinion of insiders, supported by facts and statistics, provoking the reader to the undecidability or to find out their own middle term. ​


We are living in a polarized world, one full of coexisting binaries cemented through language.The binary dichotomies between global and local, man and woman, legal and illegal interplay in our global society, while we try to define ourselves and continue our path in evolution.
French philosopher Jacques Derrida pioneered a strategy of deconstructing dualities in the mid 1960s, arguing that metaphysics has installed hierarchies and orders of subordination to various concepts that are core to the way we act in society. There is a problem with this: one term of each dichotomy has always been
privileged, determining power for one side and subordinating the other.
Inspired by his theory, we aim to deconstruct the binary schools of thought as a way to unmask their theories and show the hierarchies hidden within the dualities. As suggested by the philosopher, the idea is not to assert dominance of one side but rather to put the two sides face-to-face and explore the dichotomy of the two
co-existing concepts.