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Georgie McCarthy

Georgie McCarthy

About me
Hi, I’m Georgie – a freelance creative based in London who tries to make everything as weird as possible. From TVC scripts to brand tone of voice - I like to have my way with words. Drop me a line if you'd like to chat.
    THE UNOFFICIAL, COMPLETELY SUBJECTIVE, FACTUALLY IMPAIRED GUIDE TO ADVERTISING IN THE UKA recent article I wrote for the online Aussie magazine Gabberish about moving to the UK to do advertising. Most of it is accurate.
  • AKT - Born to Perform
    AKT - Born to PerformInspired by London's West End, AKT is an effective, life-changing natural deodorant that I had the pleasure of helping launch with design agency Two Times Elliott. Plastic free, aluminium free and bullshit free – AKT was born from a Kickstarter idea to become one of the coolest (and most natural) products on the market. Also it was just featured on ITV's This Morning, so it must be good. Go on, get your AKT together.
  • Heist
    HeistHeist isn't just about revolutionary tights anymore. It's about socks. And shape wear. And a big FU to the sexist underwear industry that creates campaigns with cameras focused on the male gaze.  They had a new logo, colour palette and vibe, but no voice. Yet.  ​In two days I gave Heist a new tone of voice, brand book, website copy, postcard and social assets. They loved the copy so much they splashed it on the shop bags and walls too.     Now Heist looks and sounds like a brand ready to take ov
  • Tourism Northern Territory – Go to a better place
    Tourism Northern Territory – Go to a better placeAn integrated campaign that convinced over 50s to book a trip to the Northern Territory before they, erm, kick the bucket. The campaign included 60, 30 & 15sec TVCs, radio, digital, OOH, social and a few complaints to the advertising board.
  • Cubicle 54
    Cubicle 54Cubicle 54 invites you to throw caution to the wind and soap suds in the air to celebrate its agency disco showers reopening May 10th.
  • Legal & General - Bump in the Night
    Legal & General - Bump in the Night
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  • Legal & General
    Legal & GeneralWe're here for you According to the NHS “It’s common for pre-school children to develop specific fears or phobias... and common fears in early childhood include animals, heights, water, blood, and the dark”, and Legal and General wanted to acknowledge the strong desire for parents to protect their children from these things, whilst also providing a practical guide to help.Asking young children “How does your family make you feel safe?” or “What do your parents do that makes you feel happy?” the film will also thrive on the unexpected things that kids say and do. The spontaneous moments of cuteness, thinking, laughter and unpredictability keep the film light hearted and tender whilst also driving home the need to continue protection long after you might not be around. In partnership with the video we produced a guide written by a child psychologist that detailed top 10 common fears of children and what parents can do to alleviate the anxiety, as well as other supporting articles and social polls to drive engagement. With nearly 3m views on YouTube, and an average view time as a skippable pre-roll of 0:44 seconds it has been a great success.
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    Freelance CreativeJungle Creations
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    AdschoolAward School
     - Sydney, Australia
    Intensive ideas and conceptual night course.
    Bachelor of Communications and International StudiesUniversity of Technology, Sydney
     - Sydney, Australia
    Bachelor of Communications (Social Inquiry) and International Studies (German).
    DMA logo
    DMA logo
    Winner Bronze - Financial ServicesDMA
    Bronze DMA Award for our work 'Bump in the Night' for Legal & General.