Helen Lismore

Helen Lismore

Art DirectorBelfast, United Kingdom
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Helen Lismore

Helen Lismore

Art DirectorBelfast, United Kingdom
About me
Hello there, I'm Helen Lismore. I grew up watching the show 'Art Attack' a bit too much, to the point I began making my own shoes out of paper (and a lot of sellotape) which I debuted by walking all the way to my friends house. Needless to say, the shoes didn’t last as long as I hoped. I have lived most of my life in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This has unfortunately resulted in my unusual pronunciations of words like ‘flour’ and ‘shower’, and saying “wee” a bit too much - something which I never realised I said a lot until I went to university in Leeds. Where I graduated from making paper shoes to full advertising campaigns. When it comes to advertising, I’m an art director who is sometimes good with words - just maybe not the pronunciations. I’m most passionate about creating fresh ideas that really resonate with people and make you think twice. Email me at: helen.lismore@hotmail.com
  • Retro Treasure
    Retro TreasureRetro Treasure is a new local independent business in Leeds which sells affordable retro and vintage furniture. Retro Treasure had such an interesting story to tell, as do each of the unique items they have in store.
  • STA Travel
    STA TravelThe challenge was to get students to think about and connect with STA Travel when planning and booking a trip. This campaign uses the fun adventurous student pigeon 'Paul' as a way to show students the benefits of travelling, and how easy STA Travel makes it.
  • The Times & The Sunday Times (2019)
    The Times & The Sunday Times (2019)News gets distorted and spread online. We often tend to separate ourselves from the screens in front of us, which is why I aimed to show what fake news might look like 'behind' the screen; likening it to the childhood game of whispers - the story is passed along and altered with each person and ultimately, the truth gets lost. This is why trustworthy journalism such as The Times and The Sunday Times is more important now than ever.
Projects credited in
  • Leeds Arts University, BA (Hons) Creative Advertising
    Leeds Arts University, BA (Hons) Creative AdvertisingThis is an outstandingly strategic and creative course that nurtures individuality through collaboration. It is designed to produce ‘Ideas That Work’ from a new wave of creative leaders in advertising. We provide the tools necessary to grow and channel creativity so that it becomes even more powerful and enjoyable. Creativity sits at the core of our proposition and feeds a common desire for originality and innovative thinking. We utilise copywriting and art-direction as a way into exploring how
  • Advertising Concepts
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Idea Generation
  • Creative Advertising
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    BA(Hons) Creative AdvertisingLeeds Arts University
     - Leeds, United Kingdom