Leeds Arts University, BA (Hons) Creative Advertising

  • Nathan Henry
  • Abbie Hughes
  • Rachel Stanley
  • Steffi Wallace
  • Isobel Griffiths
  • Sarah Hustwick
  • Mia Adams
  • Glynn Waltham
  • Gina Mcdowall
  • Megan Williams
  • Manish Patras
  • Fabio Fragiacomo
This is an outstandingly strategic and creative course that nurtures individuality through collaboration. It is designed to produce ‘Ideas That Work’ from a new wave of creative leaders in advertising. We provide the tools necessary to grow and channel creativity so that it becomes even more powerful and enjoyable. Creativity sits at the core of our proposition and feeds a common desire for originality and innovative thinking. We utilise copywriting and art-direction as a way into exploring how different media, disciplines and technologies can be employed to deliver coherent, effective and meaningful stories.

Helen Lismore, Retro Treasure
Sarah Hustwick, Sugarhouse Properties
Isobel Griffiths & Georgina McDowall, Unbranded campaign for heart attack survivors
Nathan Henry, Volkswagen ID. Family
Annie Gardiner, The Jar Tree
Maren Landsnes, Lil-lets
Manish Patras, Audible
Ava-Lien Shoshan & Eleanor Farish, Boots
Eleanor Farish, Give Blood
Ava-Lien Shoshan & Eleanor Farish, Connect4climate
password: Connect4climate
Mia Adams & Fern Curley, Seabrook
Glynn Waltham, Nike - United Against Racism
Hattie Clarke & Abbie Hughes, #MyHeartBeatsFor
Jessica Worrall, STA Travel
Rachel Stanley & Megan Williams, Recycle Box