Sarah Hustwick

Sarah Hustwick

Junior creativeLeeds, United Kingdom
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Sarah Hustwick

Sarah Hustwick

Junior creativeLeeds, United Kingdom
About me
My life revolves around shoes and ideas, but as a Graduate, lockdown has been hard to actually buy shoes but at-least the ideas are still flowing.
  • Teen Vouge
    Teen VougeChallenge: To create a campaign using branded content to challenge the ideas around female pleasure and sexual wellness. Insight: Schools miss out a lot when it comes to sex education. Proposition: Make sexual pleasure normal Big idea: Real not fake Young females are not getting the right sexual education when it comes to sexual pleasure and are not taught how their pleasure should be also considered when it comes to the bedroom, so they tend to not say anything or fake it
  • Adidas Crazy Chaos
    Adidas Crazy ChaosChallenge: Launch the new Crazy Chaos colour-ways in JD. Insight: Most 18 year old feel like they have no money. Proposition: Money is cool no matter your age. Big idea: Chaos Cash. Chaos Cash is a new currency that teenagers can earn it by being chaotic and can be redeemed in JD stores.
  • Stance
    StanceChallenge: Stance is known for their socks but are not so known for there many styles of underwear, create a online campaign to help men know that Stance is the way to go. Insight: Men find underwear shopping a boring task. Big idea: Find your Stance! As stance has so many different underwear with so many features it can be hard to choose the right ones, so the big idea is to make underwear shopping a little more fun.
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Projects credited in
  • Leeds Arts University, BA (Hons) Creative Advertising
    Leeds Arts University, BA (Hons) Creative AdvertisingThis is an outstandingly strategic and creative course that nurtures individuality through collaboration. It is designed to produce ‘Ideas That Work’ from a new wave of creative leaders in advertising. We provide the tools necessary to grow and channel creativity so that it becomes even more powerful and enjoyable. Creativity sits at the core of our proposition and feeds a common desire for originality and innovative thinking. We utilise copywriting and art-direction as a way into exploring how
  • Crazy Chaos
    Crazy ChaosChallenge Launch the new Adidas Crazy Chaos colour-ways in JD Sports. Insight Most 18 year olds feel like they have no money. Big Idea Chaos Cash. Chaos cash is a new currency. Teenagers can earn it by being chaotic. The cash is redeemable in JD stores.
  • Leeds Gin
    Leeds GinA print campaign for Leeds Gin, a sophisticated yet down to earth drink. Scamps included show a journey of how the sketch translated to the photograph.
Work history
    Retail assistantFootasylum
    Leeds, United KingdomPart Time
    PlacementHome Agency
     - Leeds, United KingdomInternship
    One week placement
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Big Ideas
  • Ideas Development
  • Concepting Ideas
  • Creative Ideas
  • Concept Ideas
  • Ideation
  • Strategy
  • Insights
  • Copywriting
  • Copy
  • Copywiting
  • Copywriting Skills
  • Art Directing
  • Creative Art Direction
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  • Fashion
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