Rachel Stanley

Rachel Stanley

Art DirectorLeeds, United Kingdom
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Rachel Stanley

Rachel Stanley

Art DirectorLeeds, United Kingdom
About me
I’m a graduate student who has just finished her 3 year journey on a fun degree called Creative Advertising! I’ve always loved and been passionate about social media, I just love how you can think of anything in your own home and it has the potentional to be seen all over the world! I love the colour pink a bit too much...I have a cat called Obi. I love flowers, so much so that I have several flower tattoos! All my friends say I’m an absolute fruit loop as I come out with the most random things some times. I’ve always been a creative kid, I never had barbies or dolls heads it was always a pack of Crayola crayons and a bit of paper out of my mums old printer. Please if you haven’t already, take a look at my work and let me know what you think, or if you like what you see contact me. I would love to hear from you.
  • Homebase
    HomebaseThe brief: Sell homebase kitchens after Coronavirus lockdown. Insight: Taste or smell memories are the strongest associative memories you can make. Big idea: Homebase, Heartbased.
  • Boots
    BootsThe brief: To make people aware of the gender sleep gap and aim to help women with this issue through a physical activation with boots. Insight: Society brands women therefore they are unable to release tension during the day. Big idea: Boot it out.
  • Coronavirus Monopoly
    Coronavirus MonopolyThis is just a little side project I’ve done during lockdown!
  • Twitter
    TwitterThe brief: Set by Twitter through D&AD. To develop a PR first idea that spotlights the #RetroGaming conversation on Twitter. Insight: Nostalgia can take people back to when they were younger with happy memories. Big idea: To highlight nostaliga and remind people of when they were younger and the good times they had when they played these games.By adding these games on Twitter everyone can enjoy them not just the already existing retro gaming community.
  • ADT
    ADTThis project has been featured on Ads Of The World! Check it out! https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/integrated/adt_choose_technology_evolved The brief: Create an integrated campaign concept celebrating ADT’s market offerings. Insight: Personal security should feel personal. Big idea: Technology Evolved.
  • Lush
    LushThe brief: Complete a project based on a previously own written essay. My essay was ‘How does influencer or celebrity endorsement affect the successfulness of a campaign?’ Insight: People are buying valentines day gifts for not just loves but their friends and family. Big idea: Love Yourself Lush.
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Projects credited in
  • Leeds Arts University, BA (Hons) Creative Advertising
    Leeds Arts University, BA (Hons) Creative AdvertisingThis is an outstandingly strategic and creative course that nurtures individuality through collaboration. It is designed to produce ‘Ideas That Work’ from a new wave of creative leaders in advertising. We provide the tools necessary to grow and channel creativity so that it becomes even more powerful and enjoyable. Creativity sits at the core of our proposition and feeds a common desire for originality and innovative thinking. We utilise copywriting and art-direction as a way into exploring how
    HOMEBASED IS HEARTBASEDCHALLENGE: Inspire people to invest in the social hub of their homes; their kitchens - a new kitchen is a start to a new memory. Fact: Taste of smell memories are the strongest associative memories you can make. Insight: Memories made in our homes have a special place in our hearts. Strategy: Play on nostalgia to show how social bonds and recipes are generation to generation. Proposition: Food takes us back Big Idea: Homebased is Heartbased These memories are in the centre of our hearts.
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    Bar staffBlue flames LTD
     - Newcastle upon Tyne, United KingdomPart Time
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  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
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    Leeds Arts University logo
    BA Creative AdvertisingLeeds Arts University
     - Leeds, United Kingdom