Iain Cooper

Iain Cooper

Copywriter/Creative DirectorUnited Kingdom
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Iain Cooper

Iain Cooper

Copywriter/Creative DirectorUnited Kingdom
About me
IAIN COOPER: BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, T-SHIRT STILL FITS! JUST. I am a well-rounded Copywriter/Creative Director who took a serious stab at pop stardom in the 80s. My passion for music, film and TV has never gone away – still play the drums and am currently working on a feature film and developing a documentary about my time co-managing a Bahraini Sheikh rock singer with ex-Wham manager, Simon Napier-Bell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icDdVZxjMpc Video directed by Kevin Godley. Grew up in Hong Kong. Currently a consultant creative director at Big Fish Design. Over the last 30 years, I have worked in the UK, Cape Town, New York and Dubai. A chunk of that time was spent running my own agency with clients like InterContinental Hotels Group, HP, Huawei, Nike, Sony, Mastercard, Anglo Irish Bank, Emirates, Dubai Government, MBC TV, Showtime, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, HSBC and the Abu Dhabi Economic Department. Along the way, I have written for Nelson Mandela, written/directed commercials and corporate films everywhere from Casablanca to Singapore. I was also the brand guardian for InterContinental Hotels for the Middle East and Africa for four years, overseeing ToV and Brand Identity I am a passionate presenter, team leader and always keen to explore new approaches. Despite getting 3 good A levels and a place at uni to read law, I passed!! Cheers Iain Cooper Crap drummer Adequate singer Decent writer Embryonic film director Terminal music bore I am not a diva!
    LBW WIPDuring my time in Dubai, I was fascinated by the impromptu Friday morning cricket matches that popped up all across the emirate. Have been talking to people on the ground about making a documentary. Need to tread carefully as the government don't take kindly to content that highlights the lives of labourers.
    COPY WITH A STINGWas trying to avoid any cheap Police jokes but I am a child of the 80s and a master of the dad joke. Apologies to anyone born after 1990 with limited musical taste.
    A VENUE IN EVOLUTIONPhotoshop-free photography for the launch of a club that evolved through the day and night. The idea that nothing stayed the same for long is reflected in the name and a logotype in a constant state of flux. Well, that was the poncy bunch of arse we told the client.
    TRICKSTAMATICApologies to all real photographers but, for a brief moment, after getting my hands on the outstandingly cool Hipstamatic App, I thought I had found my calling. Truth is, I had found an APP that masks my crippling limitations brilliantly. Was fun for a while.
    A STAR IS NEARLY BORNOutdoor campaign created for Virgin Holidays. Fly to California and get an awesome day trip for a buck. The billboards, sadly, never saw the light of day. A sad la la lament.
    A MOUNTAIN OF A BRANDInstigated and oversaw the brand development of the highest mountain in the United Arab Emirates. Now extended into multiple sub brands including the word's longest zip line.
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Projects credited in
  • Seed.
    Seed.Seed is a community dedicated to celebrating storytelling. Each week, three people from the creative industry are selected to write a ‘seed’ inspired by one image. In other words, three people are asked to interpret the story within the frame. Who are the characters? Where is the story set? What is the bigger picture? The image is then posted three times on Seed’s Instagram and website, captioned with the different interpretations, alongside crediting the three writers and the photographer.
  • Iain Cooper
    Iain CooperThe folks of New Bern, North Carolina, took their soda allegiances pretty damn seriously. Hell, their town gave the world Pepsi way back in 1893. To them, the man behind it, Caleb Bradham, was nothing short of a saint. The thought that anyone round here would dare even whisper the word Coke was enough to send old Caleb spinning in his grave. So, imagine the ruckus when local diner owner, Dwight Marshall, opened up one morning to find that great big ugly monstrosity staring back at him. This was
  • Iain Cooper
    Iain CooperI’d heard stories about a terrible fire that ripped through our apartment block years ago. That it was started by an estranged father crippled with anger and fuelled by drink. They say he beat his wife. And the kids. I’ll probably never know the truth but pretty much everyone in the building believed it. Which made everyone in the building his enemy. Last night at around 5.30am, I woke to the sound of children screaming. It only lasted a few seconds. And may have been a dream. Found out today th
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Work history
    Consultant Creative DirectorBig fish design limited
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Creative Director/CopywriterFlipside Group
     - United KingdomFreelance
    Since returning to the UK, I have been working on a consultancy basis with one of the world's largest communications groups. Helping on pitches, strategy and creative development with a number of their companies from the USA to the Far East. Have also been doing smaller project work and some pro-bono stuff closer to home.
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