james bedford

james bedford

Director producerUnited Kingdom
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james bedford

james bedford

Director producerUnited Kingdom
About me
I’m an award winning filmmaker working across digital, TVC’s and film. I Started out filming extreme sports TV documentaries, promos and also pioneering live digital broadcasts from remote locations. I went freelance, made some short films, won awards, shot my first commercials for Lynx and starting making digital content, which led me to getting hired to build a content studio and team for start up BTMevio. Seeing the opportunity of crowd sourcing, I left to co-build the itsourmovie platform to make a feature film. I’m still very much a hands on filmmaker, Directing and sometimes DOP'ing too. Specially love working on comedy and quirky projects.
  • Kelloggs Poptarts
    Kelloggs PoptartsWorked with Kellogg’s Pop Tarts to develop and produce four mobile-first ads for a paid media campaign on social platforms including Instagram Reels, TikTok, Facebook. Meta and YouTube Shorts. Full social media advertising production delivered- Creative direction, scriptwriting, production, influencer/talent casting, direction, filming, edit/post production. See the Kelloggs social media campaign on TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@poptarts.uki
  • tiktok soliloquy
    tiktok soliloquySome of a series of adverts telling inspiring stories for TikTok
  • eufy Clean social/digital adverts
    eufy Clean social/digital advertsTwo social media video advertising campaigns for electronics brand eufy, The commercials Featured two of its robo vacuums. One focused on the X8 and its pet hair removal capability and the other on the L35 and its various capabilities. Creative, production and post production. All delivered in a 2 week start to finish timeframe.
  • TikTok adverts
    TikTok advertsSome of hundreds of TikTok adverts made
  • My brain in a rush
    My brain in a rushOne of hundreds of adverts made for TikTok - focus comedy
  • Going South
    Going SouthOne of hundreds of TikTok adverts made - this one highlighting Drama on TikTok
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Work history
    Director working across TV, film, commercials and digital content.
    Director - Film
    Freelance Director/DOP
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  • Director of Photography
    BA (joint Hons) French and Politics
     - United Kingdom
    BA (joint Hons) French and Politics